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You can even get the best Watch Dogs 2 mods that are currently available for download right now across the web. Watch dogs 2 is a great improvement from the previous title, and many claimed that its what the first one should have been. It heavily focused on hacking electronics and is more in line with the original promise that it gave fans who saw the first promo clip that got everyone excited for its release. But the first watchdogs didn’t live up to it’s original promise. You could use Watch Dogs 2 trainer for it as well.


Watch Dogs 2 Trainer & Cheats Download

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When you need a way to easily toggle power-ups and extra abilities you need to use Watch Dogs 2 Trainer which you can download from a legit gaming site like solidfilez. There are many different Watch Dogs 2 Cheats options available on the web and they can all give you different types of power-ups but most of them all have the same basic ones.

The Watch Dogs 2 cheats you can get from this trainer include – infinite healthy, infinite ammo, no reload, rapid fire, stealth mode, infinite battery, infinite money, research points, freeze timer, one hit kill, teleport, and much more.


watch dogs 2 cheats


Watch Dogs 2 Mods List Download

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There are so many Watch Dogs 2 mods available for download so we will focus on only some of the best and most useful ones. See them below.

Watch Dogs Config Tool: it can actually be a hassle to go into the xml or cfg files in order to make changes and do mods and that’s where this nifty tool comes into play to make things more easier.

Watch Dogs ConfigTool


Ultimate Car on Demand: this makes it possible for you to unlock many different cars whenever you want, for example police cars.

Ultimate Car On Demand mod


Play as NPC mod: this one allows you to play as any of the games non playable characters. Pretty cool.

Play as NPC Mod


Mod Installer: this allows you to install any mod you like in a very easy straightforward way without having to jump through hoops.

Watch Dogs Mod Installer


Nude mod: well this one is self explanatory, you can make female characters noode with it. boobs physix included.

Nude mod


Graphics settings editor: now you can actually make more detailed changes to the graphics settings of the game.

Watch Dogs Graphic Settings Editor 2.2.1


Surrender after act 3: usually you are unable to surrender to cops after act 3 but now you can.

Watch Dogs enable surrender after act 3


History & Developments

The game was made by Ubisoft, and when they were happy with the sales from the first game they were sure that they could make the game into a new franchise and solidify the watchdogs brand, even though there were many complaints with the first game. This time they went to the forums to read comments and feedback about the first game in order to ascertain exactly which direction they should go with the next game, and so it was decided that instead of polishing up the same game they would scrap it and come up with entirely new characters and it proved to be the right decision.


The game is set in an action-adventure style and also uses the third-person view which allows you to see the entire body of the character being controlled by the gamer. The game is generally fluid and has very good graphics. Making the game open world was something that was going to be added for sure as gamers are increasingly asking for bigger and better worlds with things to explore. And the designers did not disappoint because Watch Dogs 2 trainer map was twice as big as the previous installment. A similar game to this is Mafia 3.

The world is set in a futuristic San Francisco and hacking is almost a fact of life because almost everything can be hacked based on the level of protection it has. Aside from walking on foot, there are many modes of transportation in game such as driving cars, bikes, trucks, buses, cable cars, and even boats. By using some Watch Dogs 2 cheats you would be able to get unlimited amount of cash of any items. In addition to the main story missions there are other side missions called “operations” so there will always be something to do. You can get weapons when you buy them from the 3d printer or pick them up whenever an enemy drops them.


watch dogs 2 mods



Watch Dogs 2 was received with favorable reviews from most critics – all of them citing a big improvement from the previous title. Many claim that they liked this newer character Marcus Holloway over the previous Aiden pearce. Marcus is younger with a younger crew and really embody the hacker culture, although some critics though the crew may be too obnoxious to be of meaningful value. They do bicker a lot before they can ever decide to get things done. You have the option to use Watch Dogs 2 trainer if you want to unlock certain advantages in the game.

As far as the gameplay, there were many improvements which were noticed, the game played more smoothly and the driving mechanics were significantly improved from the previous game. In some aspects of the game some frame rate drops were noticed, but nothing too serious. You can use some Watch Dogs 2 cheats to improve or tweak certain parts of the game you might like. The sales for the game weren’t bad although the pre-order sales were disappointing for the company but this could be expected because they knew the consumers may be having a wait-and-see approach due to problems with the first game. Watch Dogs 2 trainer is always available when you want to enable more some cool features instantly.


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When you need Watch Dogs 2 trainer this is where you can get it. It’s not necessary to use Watch Dogs 2 cheats but many people enjoy doing this. And the availability of something like Watch Dogs 2 mods makes the game more interesting and gives gamers something more to look forward to aside from the main missions. This is a great game and as you can see the Watch Dogs 2 trainer really makes the game a lot more fun, and its something gamers usually do after they have beat the game already or even during the first playthrough, or when they hit some difficulty area that they need to overcome. The next game is┬áHouse Party console commands cheats.