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Kotor 2 Cheats

Kotor 2 Cheats

Kotor 2 cheats is a great option for gamers who like star wars: knights of the old republic franchise. Get the Kotor 2 mods and kotor 2 trainer right here at your fingertips.

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Kotor 2 Trainer

If you need an effective Kotor 2 steam cheats for pc look no further because you’ve found it.

Keep reading to find out about other Kotor 2 mods tips and tricks that you can enjoy from this game. There is always a lot of new things to discover and by using Kotor 2 cheats you can do it at easily as possible.

Kotor 2 Cheats & Console Commands

Kotor 2 Cheats aren’t as easy as using certain codes to unlock extra stuff, but they are in the form of achievements and secrets. To get access to the Kotor 2 Cheats there are certain actions you must perform which will unlock certain things. You can also use the Kotor 2 Console commands to enable certain options in the game. To use these Kotor 2 console commands open up the console and type the following codes.

Here are some cheats:

heal = heal your player
setcomputeruse xx = sets computer use skill level
setdemolitions xx = sets demolitions
setstealth xx = sets stealth skill
setawareness xx = awareness
setpersuade x = persuade skill level
setrepair xx = sets repair level.

There are some other achievements you can do such as –

Persuade Handmaiden to Become jedi – to do this you need to have a high influence with handmaiden and completed training with her.

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Kotor 2 Mods

Kotor 2 Trainer Download

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Kotor 2 trainer is really a great way to use the Kotor 2 steam cheats. First of all trainers are applications which work for the pc version of kotor and its used to trigger cheats in the game. This is very useful if you don’t want to bother with console commands which you might find in most games today.

Kotor 2 trainer offers you some pretty cool exploits such as – infinite health, infinite force, infinite credit, infinite chemicals, and infinite components.


Kotor 2 Mods List Download

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There are a lot of Kotor 2 mods available for download and a lot of them have to do with fixing bugs and making certain necessary functions more accessible. And we thank all those Kotor 2 mods creators out there who are really great at the coding and modifications.

Some of the most important Kotor 2 mods are –


The Sith Lords Restored Content Modifications

The Sith Lords Restored Content Modifications – its a great mod because it restores all the content which were cut from the original version and fixes a lot of other bugs.


M4-78 Enhancement Project

M4-78 Enhancement Project – its purpose is to add the planet M4-78 to te game.


Extended Enclave

Extended Enclave – the purpose of this mod restored rebuilt enclave sequence extended bersion.


Combat Simulation Arena

Combat Simulation Arena – adds combat arena to TSL. This is with new storyline as well.


Azgath N'Dul's Tomb

Azgath N’Dul’s Tomb – by using this mod the new tomb will be added in the valley of the Dark Lords.


History & Developments

The game was released by Obsidian Entertainment in December 2004 to a whole lot of eager gamers who were expecting a great game since it set a pretty high bar the first time around. Gamers were looking for more a long those lines and were not disappointed. It’s believed that Kotor story is probably the best one in the entire star wars universe and it’s easy to see why.

Kotor 2


Knights of the old republic 2 is a role playing game where you control the character from a third-person view perspective. And you can interact with the environment and non playable characters. It follows the same system as the previous game. Some critics mentioned this in their reviews stating that the second game had the same similar issues as the first one. The game developers didn’t want to stray to far from what brought them success so they didn’t change up too much in terms of the gameplay.

The game starts normally with the character creation area where you choose how it will look before you can start playing the game.


The reception for the game was really good, and part of the reason for its huge success was that it’s predecessor was well received as well. So gamers were really anticipating the next installment which did not disappoint. Kotr 2 sold a lot of copies during its first month of release. it sold 458,000 copes during its first month in December 2004, and sold over 1.275 million in usa by 2008.

kotor 2 console commands

It also beat out many games on the game rankings charts which were also released around the same month that knight of the old republic 2 was released such as Blizzards – World of Warcraft, and many other high publicity game. Another big reason for its success is that fact that kotr 2 released with xbox and PC instead of just xbox like in the previous game.


I hope you found the exact Kotor 2 cheats that you are looking for. You will notice that there really are a lot of different Kotor 2 mods and exploits available for download. Also, if you need a proper working Kotor 2 trainer look no further than right here at solidfilez. Feel free to check out all our other cheats and also other available game trainers for download.

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