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Welcome to State of Decay 2 mods where you can have access to State of Decay 2 cheats and also the best State of Decay 2 trainer available for the game all in one place.

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State of Decay 2 Trainer


State of Decay 2 is a great game and were happy to provide you with the ability to really mod the game to make it even more fun. State of Decay 2 follows the same model of survival type games where you run away from zombies. Basically there is an outbreak of infection where many people are now infected with a virus that is transmitted to people after being bitten by the zombies


State of Decay 2 Cheats & Trainer

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Ever felt like the game would be great with some State of Decay 2 trainer to help you get through the game more easily? Well we’ve got the State of Decay 2 cheats you need to make the game a whole lot more interesting than you ever thought possible. Here are some attributes you can unlock with the trainer: Infinite healthy, stamina, items, no reload, zero weight, super accuracy, no recoil, infinite fuel, fast level up and much more.

In recent times one of the main aspects which gamers look forward to is the possibility of using State of Decay 2 cheats and also the possibilities of using small applications called State of Decay 2 trainer because they allow you to manipulate the game state and boost your stats for free instantly.

There are some other types of cheats or achievements in the game which provide you with certain perks after completing certain tasks.


State of Decay 2 cheats


State of Decay 2 Mods List Download

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You will find that there are certain State of Decay 2 mods that you might find in the game but here we are going to list some of the ones that we have found. Mods help to boost the player abilities and unlock certain abilities that will ultimately give the player the most advantage to make the game more easier. And the use of State of Decay 2 mods is really encouraged when people don’t really want to go through the game the hard way and just want to steamroll on enemies.

Below you will find a list of some cool State of Decay 2 mods available now.

Game Console: When you feel your team could use a morale boost simply do this by making a lounge.

Generator: In a crisis situation power becomes a scarce commodity, and this will provide you with electricity for a limited time.

Secure Case: this State of Decay 2 mods will allow you to carry more ammo so its good for ammo storage.

Small Fuel Tank: While going on missions, the last thing you want is to run out of fuel. This mod will increase the size of your fuel storage. Its a great State of Decay 2 cheats.

Stand Mixer: allows tasks to be performed faster inside kitchen facilities.

Brass Collector: by using this you can effectively reduce shooting training facility time.

Heavy Duty Ammo Press: this one is very fun as it allows you to create .50 cal rounds which pack a massive punch and damage when fired. By using a good State of Decay 2 trainer you have the option for unlimited.

Compost Bin: this is a vital State of Decay 2 mod because after its installed in the garden it increases farm yield so there’s more food.


State of Decay 2 savegame


History & Developments

State of Decay 2 mods was announced on June 13 2016 at Microsofts E3 xbox briefing. The game was developed by Undead Labs but published by Microsoft. Naturally it was planned to be released for both the xbox one and for windows 10 or PC. And one of the great things about xbox game pass is that people on it could get the game for free of charge and not have to pay the $30 it was going for.


The game is experienced in a third person view as most of the survival game as its important to be able to see all sides of the player in case of a zombie creeping up from behind. This style also helps for observing the character as it interacts with the game surroundings. There would be some State of Decay 2 Cheats that can help with that as well.

One of the major things people were uneasy about was the fact that permanent death of characters was a main feature of the game. Really, if the game character died in the game you could restart and have the player still alive. That character just disappeared like that – poof!. This certainly added a high level of realism to the game because now you actually have to be careful and really plan out your missions so you don’t end up losing important characters. But with a State of Decay 2 trainer you might be able to escape this.


State of Decay 2



Its true that the game received mostly average reviews and for good reason. Most of the complaints about the game was its apparent lack of depth as far as the survival systems of the game was concerned. Also another cause for concern was the amount of bugs as most people expected the game to be more polished since its following right after the first installment State of Decay 1. Overall it was a playable game and some described it as simple but satisfying, and that’s all most people really ask for. Oh and also to be able to use State of Decay 2 trainer.


State of Decay 2 trainer makes it certainly possible to explore more that the game has to offer and we provide full access to take advantage of it to enhance your game experience. State of Decay 2 mods as well as access to State of Decay 2 cheats is fully supported here and you can download the available trainer from the download page. The following game is Fallout Shelter trainer mods cheats.