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Nier Automata Trainer

Nier Automata Trainer

Need Nier Automata cheats? well you’re in luck because we’ve got all the latest Nier Automata trainer to give you the added advantage while playing the game.

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Nier Automata cheats

Nier Automata mods are also available for download here and in other places on the internet. And you’re just a few mouse clicks away from unlocking all the Nier Automata cheats you need.


Nier Automata Cheats & Console Commands

Nier Automata cheats are built into the game like achievements which you can unlock after you have completed certain tasks in a partinular sequence sometimes. Nier Automata cheats are things that you might overlook, and some only become available after multiple playthroughs. If you are looking for real Nier Automata cheats then download the trainer on this page.

Here are some cheats:

Debug room chapter select – this becomes available after your third playthrough after which you can now access the debug room.

Infinite Exp – wanna get to level 99 in the fastest way possible? just check out this video showing how.


Nier Automata Trainer Download

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If you need the Nier Automata trainer look no further as you’ve found it. Nier Automata trainer is highly searched for because the game is just so good, and popular. We want to see how we can further enhance the game and take advantage of cheats. The Nier Automata trainer is exactly what is needed and its only for pc version of the game. This is because the Nier Automata trainer is a small computer application.

Some of the things that this trainer can do is unlock – infinite health, infinite hacking health, infinite hacking time, pods programs no cooldown, items dont decrease, infinite double jumps, super speed, slow motion, one kit kill, and more.


Nier Automata Mods List Download

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There are many Nier Automata mods out there, and the most important ones help with improving actual essential aspects of the game. Most notably are ones that help to run the game more smoothly depending on what kind of computer you are using, its specs, and power. Here are some of the best Nier Automata mods available.



Nier Automata Mods

FAR – this Nier Automata mods allows you to install certain useful mods such as freecam look, framerate unlocker, resolution fixer, resolution adjuster.


Texture pack – will enhance the game textures and make it better.


Vidsquish – this mods helps if you have problems with the cutscenes on a 16:9 display.


History & Developments

Nier Automata was developed by PlatuinumGames and published by Square Enix. It was released in early 2017 for the playstation 4 and also for pc. And xbox one version came out the following year in June 2018. The whole franchise was actually a spinoff from the Drakensgard series. It’s actually all set in the middle of a war. or more accurately a proxy war between machines which were created by alien invaders and what was left of humanity. The game allows you to follow a combat android and you follow her adventures throughout the game. The creator of the series is Yoko Taro, and the lead music composer keiichi Okabe. The game is one of the most unique looking games to come out in a long time, with also a great story.




In the game you are in control of combat androids and you do battle against the enemy. You will have certain abilities in the game such as ability to summon wild animals to ride, and pilot a flying mech used to fight enemies. The game automatically will shift from third-person perspective to overhead or side-scrolling view.

The combat system is very good and implements real time action in the combat system. You have various options for attacks, some being fast, and some slow with a power-up that is more powerful. Its also possible to evade enemy attacks by using the appropriate buttons. It can be challenging and makes the game really immersive since you have to time your button presses precisely to evade or block attacks.

The use of melee weapons is also possible and you have the option to bring in 2 different types of weapons to battle which can be alternated as needed. The variety of weapons to choose from include short swords, long swords, bracers, and spears. You can upgrade attacks by upgrading your chips. And one of the welcome features of the game is that it has alternate endings – up to 26 different endings which will give gamers a challenge to see all of them.




Nier Automata was favourably received especially in Japan where it was made. The sales figures were so good that the developers Square Enix believe they could plan and develop a future franchise based on the Nier story and world. The game a lot better than its predecessor of the same title Nier which was released in 2010. Automata was first released in japan were it sold 198,542 copies in it’s first week of release. by 2017 it was reported to have sold over 500,000 copies in asia, and 3 million worldwide. This was really a big success.

Some critics of the game did mention that the game environment wasn’t really anything groundbreaking but this is how the games backdrop was intended since its based on a post appocalyptic world, where man is at war with machine creations from another world. The story of the game is praised to be very good and the sound track was very good to the point that it did win awards. The game itself also won many awards, one of them being “Best Ps4 game”.




Nier Automata trainer is great for when you really want to play the game in the easiest mode possible because by using these Nier Automata cheats you can get all items and powerups easily. Nier Automata mods will also give you some cool new things to look forward to in the game. Just download the mods and follow the instructions for how to install them. Get ready to explore new things in Nier Automata.

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