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Doom has been around for such a long time since 1993 to be exact and its fans are still as excited for the game as ever. Many played this game during their childhood and are happy to see a remake of the game they had loved so long ago now ported for the new generation console games and of course the windows PC. To clear up some confusion, this new doom is released in 2016 while the old doom was released in 1993. It still has the same name and id software didn’t think they needed to change it in any way to distinguish the difference. So its is currently known as Doom 2016.

Since its original release over 2 decades ago game consoles and pc and evolved to an unrecognizable degree as far as processing power and hardware. Never would they have imagined that they could be able to have something like this new and improved doom today. And of course there were many who wanted to see this updated doom so here we go. This is the answer to the question, what would it be like to play doom using current gen technology? And the answer is: GREAT! This one still retains the classic feel of doom except with excellent graphics which makes the goriness and imagery of the game more vivid and clear, it actually looks like a horror movie.

Of course there are many people who complain that it is very unoriginal and boring, while others disagree and say this is what doom is supposed to be. Its clear that the naysayers are expecting something more than just the remake of the old thing, and may criticize it as just being the same old thing with a face-lift. While there is some truth to this, its not entirely the case because there are many new aspects and attributes that have been put into this updated version which gamers would be expecting to see in most first person shooters in this day and age. At the end of the day, what can be said is that Doom delivers the high action and fast paced game-play that is expected, and fits in very well with the current generation.

Doom Cheats 2016 – Console Commands

Doom Cheats are available for the 2016 game, and the way to get started using doom 2016 cheats is to enter them into them as console commands. Simple press the tilde “~” key and it will open up the console. And here you can enter any of the doom cheats codes that are available. Keep in mind that it only works in single player mode. To keep the online game clean and fair for everyone. Some of the most famous ones would be God mode, infinite ammo, and all upgrades. Check below for the current list of doom cheats available.

Doom 2016 Cheats

Doom 2016 Mods to Supercharge your Game

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There isn’t a lot of doom 2016 mods available, but there is a promising tool available on nexus mods called DoomExtract and it works by allowing you to pack mods into dooms resource files – download here.

Doom 2016 Mods

Doom 2016 Mods

Doom 2016 Trainer

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Here are some of the options for the trainer –

  • Numpad 1: Mega Health
  • Numpad 2: Unlimited Ammo
  • Numpad 3: Fast Cooldown Weapon
  • Numpad 4: Fast Chargeup Weapon
  • Numpad 5: Instant Grenades
  • and more.

Doom 2016 Secrets Online

There are so many doom 2016 secrets hidden all through the game. Since fans really wanted to see that; id software listened to these requests and delivered in a big and much appreciated way. Check out some of the Doom 2016 secrets below.

History and Development

Doom 2016 could be described as a reboot of the original Doom created by Id Software, the same people responsible for the great “Quake” series which is still highly popular today with a very strong online community who enjoy very fast paced gaming. This current iteration will be the fourth title released, which happens to be a remake of the very first one. The one which precedes Doom 2016 was Doom 3 which was released in 2004. Doom 2016 was released on all major platforms such as the windows PC, and consoles like the PlayStation 4, and Xbox one on May 13, 2016, it was also ported for the Nintendo Switch.

Originally it was first introduced as Doom 4 in 2008 in order to continue from the previous one. And then more development was needed and it was worked on heavily in order to deliver the polished version which we have now. It underwent and extensive development cycle starting for 2011 and its new name was later revealed to be simply Doom in 2014. During this time it was heavily tested by loyal customers who had also pre-ordered other Bethesda titles such as Wolfenstein. And also they would extend that chance to the general public as well, and their feedback would prove to be valuable info and contributions which influenced the direction that the final product would take.

Originally they planned for the game to be 3 times better than RAGE even though it would be running at 30 frames per second. This was basically half of what rage was going after – 60 frames per second as long as it was being run on a high end gaming computer. The multiplayer component was also being heavily worked on and mentioned that 30 fps would be adequate because if definitely wouldn’t be possible for the game to be running a high fps when you have as many as 30 players on screen in a multiplayer session, so it made sense to keep it at a reasonable fps. One of the reasons he mentioned is that it’s not because its not possible, but the current hardware available wouldn’t be able to handle that effectively, and you can’t realistically expect everyone to have a top of the line computer.



With the continued delay of Doom 4 it became apparent that there was some problems going on with the development team. And Kotaku published an article exposing the obvious problems speculating that Doom 4 was trapped in “development hell”. And their reasons for saying this is because they believe that there was some mismanagement going on which impeded the smooth process of production. It ultimately had to be restarted in 2011, so maybe kotaku was right about the possible problems going on with id software, bethesda, and the parent company Zenimax media.

People who were working in the company gave some insights as to the nature of Doom 4 before the decision was made to rework it. They said it was like a call of duty game, with a lot of cinematics and scripting taking up much of the game. Many people didn’t like what was happening and called it mediocre, and the new version was criticized as being lame and a mess. So there was a lot of backlash about what was really going on, although they were trying to do what they though the people wanted for the game. By August it was announced that the name would officially be simply Doom as it was being portrayed as a rework and re-imagination of the original. So it was being looked at as an origins game which was giving a different look from what the original versions were, basically attempting to go a different direction with the story.

In June 2015 at E3 – about 15 minutes of actual game-play trailer was displayed in order to give it some promotion, including things like player customization and personalizations of the character and other necessary attributes to elevate it to the same levels of a modern first person shooter. There is a lot of competition in this space such as Call of duty and Battlefield so its no wonder that ID felt that they had to be able to compete if they were going to stand out and something unique and different from the pack. One of the major points of concern was a way to appeal to younger players who had never really heard about doom before. But its a balancing act of satisfying the long time fans as well and trying to keep things true to the spirit of what doom was. This is never an easy thing and sometimes its better to pick one direction and run with it. The creators of Fallout 3 faced a similar problem, so they were brought on to try to help come up with a satisfactory solution.

The end result they came up with was something sort of juvenile and over the top according to Stratton when he revealed that the location and the setting of the game would not be on earth and would be different from Doom 3. Some of the goals that they wanted to meet was for the game to be able to run at 60 frames at 1080p. By doing this they would be able to achieve a much smoother and fluid gameplay. The story of the game wasn’t necessarily the focus of the game, it was more of a big shootem up type game. So they made it kind of cryptic giving the player the choice to speculate about the origin of the player character.



Some of the things they did in order to keep the gameplay fast was to remove the reloading of weapons and they designed maps which would make it difficult for players to hide. So that wanted to create the best first person shooter possible. For the multiplayer aspect, there wasn’t a lot of innovation here, and it had all the standard modes that people have known about. One new thing that was added was the snap map feature which allowed players to create their own maps which could be shared and played in. This would also give people without modding skills a chance at modding.


Doom is set in mars instead of the originally planned earth at a lab which was owned by the Union Aerospace Corporation. The director of the facility was named Samuel Hayden. Not too long ago he was suffering from brain cancer which destroyed his mortal body, but now he has a new android body so that he doesn’t die. What Hayden and his team of researchers were working on was a way to harness energy from hell so that they could use it to fix the energy crisis happening on earth. Earth’s power sources were already running out and they discovered that they could siphon a vast amount by tapping into hell. Hayden himself had already gone there many times before so he was working on a viable way to extract the energy. On the trips he brings back artifacts in order to study them. One time he brings back a sarcophagus and it contained a “Doom Slayer” and his praetor suit intact. This doom slayer had been imprisoned in hell due to his earlier rampage there. (hint# Enhance your rampage using doom cheats to get god infinite ammo in single player mode).

The research facility gets overrun by demons at one day because one of the scientists Olivia pierce had made a pact with them and opened a portal. At this point Hayden had no choice but to release the doom slayer in order to defeat the demons and close the portal. During the doom slayers rampage he goes to hell on back on many occasions and soon recovers a magical blade called the crucible, which could be used to close the portal. He then comes across Pierce who transforms into a giant spider and kills her.

This seems to be the end of it but Hayden keeps the crucible blade because he still wants to attempt to get the energy using the Argent Tower. He doesn’t try to kill the doom slayer but instead he teleports him somewhere and believes they would meet again.


The creators of Doom wanted to prioritize a fast paced shooter style, probably similar to Quake Live, but faster as we can see in the multiplayer mode and single player mode, alot of big guns and mayhem. Movement will also be improved being able to perform double jumps and ledge climbs. They call this kind of fast paced game-play “push forward combat”, and the idea behind it is that it doesn’t allow players any breathing room to recover by hiding behind objects or obstacles. It puts you in battle and you have to sink or swim, but you will get very good at fps games very fast if you play this game due to it honing your aiming skills and reflexes, and you will be playing as the doom slayer, and seeing from his eyes. The only way to replenish your health would be by killing enemies with Glory Kills which is a new fatality move type system which will execute enemies in a brutal fashion. When this happens you will be rewarded with extra health. (Need something less brutal check out stardew valley here).

doom console commands

One thing to know about doom is that you won’t get any breathing room, there is always a constant stream of enemies to destroy and it can really become repetitive under normal circumstances. But once battle starts you may not be thinking about that at all, and your primary focus would be to destroy the enemies before you. Because of the share amount of relentless enemies spawning and coming after you, this might explain the reason why there is no weapon reloading in the game and you can can just keep firing away at enemies, using explosive bullets which make a whizzing sound when fired and lodges itself into the body of the enemy before exploding, or you could use your trusty saw to saw them in half, either horizontally or vertically, but the sawing from the top down seems more brutal and graphic.

To those people who are not familiar with the doom series, there is a lot of gore and occult imagery shown in this game, and many people might be turned of by that. However those people who played this game long ago and still have fond memories of blasting enemies might be ok with that since they scream for more. For this reason it really shouldn’t be for kids. This game might give some people nightmares because or how gory and bloody it is. And this is actually something that can happen if you spend too much time playing this game because the imagery can be very scary to young children.

One of the highlights of doom is the huge arsenal of amazing weapons to choose from and you can equip any of them at any time. One thing that is quite unique here is that there is no reloading at all for these weapons, and this is totally ridiculous and is rarely done. Long time players of doom will have a welcome surprise to see that old and familiar weapons make a return for doom 2016 such as the shotgun and BFG 9000. This gun is pretty devastating but the trade-off here is that it has a smaller ammunition capacity. Other nostalgic weapons include the chainsaw but this time it requires fuel to function and is powerful enough to cut the enemy completely in half. You will also notice some familiar foes like the revenant, mancubus and cyberdemon although they will be redesigned and upgraded.

The single player missions mode is actually not long at all, in total it comes to about 13 hours in total play time. The map and level designs is not so complicated they are simple with elements like multiple pathways that can be explored for collectibles and secrets which will help you progress easily through the game. one of the new things about the weapons is their alternate firing method, or the fact that weapons can have a different mode with need to be unlocked, and these modes can also be upgraded as well. Some of the special items have special abilities for example runes which can transport you to a different location in order face a foe in combat after which you will be rewarded with special abilities or more useful drops when you defeat the enemies, and this can be very useful. Some of the Easter eggs in the game include hidden levers which will unlock a classic level from the original doom, and when these are unlocked once, they can now be easily accessible through the main menu.

Doom 2016 secrets

Doom 2016 secrets

Multiplayer has different modes such as team deathmatch soul harvest and freeze tag, warpath, and domination, clan arena. This mode is similar to single player because you can also collect demon rune which allows the character to transform into a demon and fight.This generally gives the player increased power and speed. The different types are the revenant, baron, mancubus and prowler. As you might also see in many games out there, experience points are given out which will allow the player to level up. Its also possible to customize weapons to your liking or having the attributes you may prefer.

One of the unique things about this doom 2016 was the level creation tool which was called the snap map and it made it possible for players to build their own maps. These gave the players ability to make it however they wanted including the placement of enemies however it didn’t give access to campaign bosses. You could even decide to power up characters and modify their stats however you want it. with this tool you could really let your imagination shine to create the best map you can think of using the snap tool.

Some new things coming up with Doom is the mention of Doom VFR which is virtual reality version that would be available for the PlayStation VR and HTC Vive headsets. This VR technology may really be the next step in the future of gaming down the line because there seems to be a push to make games more realistic, and some of the key selling points of games today is immersiveness. It is the feeling of actually being connected to the game character which you are playing as if it was you. For this to work it really does require responsiveness of the controls and ease of doing actions that you want performed. Usually when the game can keep you glued to it for a good while that is a sign of a great game. And the use of Doom cheats can give you god mode.


Many people were happy that Doom was finally released on all major platforms and a lot of people were very interested in the multiplayer aspect of it because that would be one of the main reasons for playing it. Overall the game good some good feedback but the problem aspect came from multiplayer. The game got a variety of scores like 85/100. However people were very happy with the single player mode and they didn’t give much complaints about it. Of course people started making comparisons of this game with other games such as Wolfenstein, they said doom was better than wolfenstein because how fast paced doom was.

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Doom 2016 is a great game which gave us a re-imagined version of the original doom and doom 2. It has been over 2 decades since the creation of the very first doom and fans had been eagerly expecting so see a great game which reminded them of a past time when they first played the game. The game was released after a lot of setbacks which crippled production for some time but at the end it was ready. Developers mentioned that it wouldn’t be doom 4 as expected but the name would simply be Doom, since it was supposed to be a rework or re-imagined doom. If you are in the search of doom cheats to help you unlock great abilities look no further than this page. Now you can use doom console commands and doom 2016 secrets to really enjoy the game as you are supposed to. Check out the next game┬áDying Light mods trainer and cheats.