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Hearts of Iron 4 Cheats

Hearts of Iron 4 Cheats

Are you looking for Hearts Of Iron 4 cheats? We’ve got the hoi4 console commands, Hearts Of Iron 4 trainers, and mods.

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Hearts of Iron 4 trainer

It’s really great because with all these assortment of exploits there is nothing out of reach as far as how you want to enjoy the game when all the goodies are up for grabs.

Just choose any of the above methods of exploiting the game. Hoi4 is a great follow up to the previous game and it definitely gives the player access to modding tools and gamers are able to create Hearts Of Iron 4 trainer, or just use the Hearts Of Iron 4 console commands to enable cheats.

Hearts Of Iron 4 Cheats & Console Commands

Hearts Of Iron 4 cheats are available on the internet literally at your fingertips. You can get to use them through the Hearts Of Iron 4 console commands. There are many cheat options out there but first step is to

open up the console by typing the ” ~ ” tilde key and that will open up the console into which you can enter in your desired cheat codes.

Here are some cheats:

help – Display list of all commands
manpower – 10 million manpower
pp – 999 political power
xp – 999 military experience
research all – All research complete

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Hearts of Iron 4 trainer

Hearts Of Iron 4 Trainer Download

Download it From here

Using Hearts Of Iron 4 trainer is another great way to use cheats. Basically you have to download a small lightweight computer application. So as you can guess it only works for the pc version of the game, and its a very handy little tool to get access to cheats at the click of a button. Hearts Of Iron 4 trainer just makes the whole process painless.

Here are some of the exploits you can get from the Hearts Of Iron 4 trainer. Infinite political power, infinite national unity, infinite convoys, infinite nukes and much more.


Hearts Of Iron 4 Mods List Download

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There are many Hearts Of Iron 4 mods out there but we will cut through all the fluff and get straight to the best ones out there, or the most popular Hearts Of Iron 4 mods available for download from the web. These mods give you superpowers to change the appearance and gameplay of the game if you have some coding skills. But for those who don’t have such skills you can simply download the Hearts Of Iron 4 mods and follow the installation instructions. They are very easy and straightforward.


Hearts of Iron 4 mods - KAISERREICH

This mod toys with an idea that people still think about – what is the Nazi’s won the war, how would life change. This mods attempts to tackle that very question and its very interesting. It is actually the second most downloaded mod out there and for good reason because it really builds on the original stuff but adds alternative story paths that fans are excited to explore.


Millennial Dawn

Millennial Dawn
This is the “modern day mod” and it is probably one of the most downloaded so its very popular. It includes scenarios starting from teh 2000 to 2016. And this mods is very much needed today in the gaming world.


The Road to 56

The Road to 56
This Hearts Of Iron 4 mod is more of a balance patch as well. It includes some unique nations such as brazil, tibet and uk so there is more to explore.


The Great War

The Great War
This mod focuses on ww1 time period and Europe. It focuses on major expansions into Mexico, China, Italy and Africa. It even highlights the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand prior to the great war.


History & Developments

Most modern game have their delays and problems that can affect production before they are finally released and Hearts Of Iron 4 had its share or snags along the way. The release date had to be pushed back to it’s original projected release of February 2016 instead of 2015.

But it was finally produced and released by Paradox Interactive on June 6, 2016 and delivered what fans were hoping for and expecting.

Hearts of Iron 4


Hearts Of Iron 4 is a great addition to the growing list of grand strategy war-games available for download. And it focuses on the most recent world wide conflict of the 20th century. There is both single and multiplayer availability so pick whichever one you fancy as you will be satisfied either way. You will notice that the time period that the game is set in does not go beyond 1948, and this will be reflected with the types of weaponry and vehicles available. Use Hearts Of Iron 4 Cheats to get the best goodies in the game.

The Hoi4 focuses on world war 2 era, so you will have to manage a complex economic and military system to come out on top. It’s really a grand strategy game where your choices really does affect the outcome of everything.


Hearts Of Iron 4 was reviewed by many gaming critics and most of them gave a great review. The game was well received. Metacritic scored it with 83 so that’s a high score. Other notable critics were Gamespot which scored it highly as well – as did kotaku and IGN. They believe its probably the best game out there if you wanted to be the ultimate “armchair general”. Overall it’s a really awesome game focusing on the 20th century global warfare. By using Hearts Of Iron 4 cheats you can unlock more cool stuff.


When you need to access Hearts Of Iron 4 cheats look no further than solidfilez, we give you access to most of the Hearts Of Iron 4 trainer on the web right now. You can make use of the Hearts Of Iron 4 console commands when you want to enable cheats. To change the look and effects of the game you can easily just use the Hearts Of Iron 4 mods or hoi4 console commands.

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