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Fallout Shelter Trainer

Fallout Shelter Trainer

Need a Fallout Shelter trainer? well you’ve come to the right place. Here you can get Fallout Shelter cheats and also you get current Fallout Shelter mods that are available for download.

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Fallout Shelter cheats


Just follow the links on this site for more stuff and downloadables. Fallout shelter is a pretty interesting game and has a very retro look to it that is quite appealing to the eyes. It just looks like you are playing with the pip boys graphics which looks more cartoonish. But what really matters is that it is actually quite fun to play.

Fallout Shelter Trainer Download

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Fallout Shelter is a very useful light weight pc application that basically will allow you to unlock rewards or abilities in the game that you might normally have to get through unlocking achievements. But with the use of Fallout Shelter trainer you can simply enable whatever options you want and have it instantly applied to your game profile very easily.

If you do a search on google for Fallout Shelter trainer you would find different sources for trainers – like the one here on solidfilez. It is a great option for people who can’t really be bothered with trying to grind in order to receive game rewards, or also don’t want to spend real money trying to get some virtual items.

Some of the stuff you can unlock using a good Fallout Shelter trainer are as follows. you can unlock caps, food, power, water, stimpaks, research paks, nuka cola, perfect happiness, max special, max health, and easy level up.




Fallout Shelter Cheats & achievements

If you need Fallout Shelter Cheats in the normal sense, the game doesn’t actually offer the standard cheats but it mostly offers Fallout Shelter achievements that can be used to unlock items or powerups in the game. If you’re really looking to use some fallout shelter cheats then one of the options would be to trick the game into giving you lots of weapons and outfits.


One way of doing this is to change the time of your device and move it ahead by one day and watch the magic happen as you can see in the video posted above. This helps boost everything faster because its speeds up the time for things to happen. you get more dweller, babies, and kids, weapons and items.


Fallout Shelter Mods List Download

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Fallout Shelter Mods are also available for download and you can find some of the most popular ones with a quick google search. The purpose of these Fallout Shelter Mods is to remove game limitations. With these hacks you will be able to enable and disable certain options and make certain things happen alot faster than they normally would.

Some examples of good Fallout Shelter Mods would be coffee break button, no destroy restrictions, disable automatic camera movement. You will even have the instant wasteland quests, remove handicap limits and much more.


Fallout Shelter mods


History & Developments

Fallout shelter is made by Bethesda Game Studios, the same people who made all the other fallout games. And was first released fo ios in 2005. It was viewed as an extension of the main games and received generally positive reviews.


Fallout Shelter allows players to build and manage their own vault in a very unique style that is really is true to the fallout style. Your job is to oversee the daily goings on in the shelter and make sure everything is going well. You will be in charge of balancing resources such as food, power, and water, and making sure that your vault dwellers are happy.

You can expand your shelter by adding more rooms and gaining more items. while you have the option to speed up time it is usually at the cost of something breaking or causing a failure, or getting infested by radroaches and other problems. Dwellers and level up receive new weapons over time. There is a similar game – Stardew Valley which has the same cartoon graphics, but it’s also fun.

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Fallout Shelter received a lot of mixed reviews with critics calling it not the best post apocalyptic game ever. It seems more casual which is kind of a welcome change of pace for many people who are into this sort of game. The visuals of the games was praised because it gave the game kind of a retro feel while looking modern as well. Game design looks very good even though it looks simplistic – it is quite impressive as some critics will point out. The one aspect most people didn’t like was the micro transactions advantage where people could buy their way to completing the game, and that’s why some players turn to Fallout Shelter cheats.


Fallout Shelter trainer is what you need if you want to unlock some pretty awesome and useful options or perks that the game has to offer. Its true that in app purchases are available in game but if you know the proper Fallout Shelter cheats you can make things a lot more easier on yourself. Or you could even try some Fallout Shelter mods that might be available for download on the internet. The following game is Mafia 3 trainer cheats mods.