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Unturned Cheats

Unturned Cheats

Get access to unturned cheats, its the best tool you can use to add unturned trainer to the game. The game is free to play and gives the player all the necessary tools you will need like the unturned console commands where you can enter specific codes for different features.

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unturned trainer

You can also use the unturned mods giving you added boosts or advantages that you might need.

Unturned is actually a really fun game and you will be surprised that you have spent so much time on it.


Unturned Cheats & Console Commands

There are not that many actual Unturned cheats, but what you will mostly find are Unturned achievements which you get when you complete certain events or tasks, or follow specific paths or patterns in the game.

Here are some cheats:

Fail to contain the virus – A bridge Too Far
Die 10 times – Accident Prone
Find yourself a vehicle – Behind the wheel
Harvest 100 resources – camper
Win 3 arena matches – champion

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unturned mods


Unturned Trainer Download

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You can use Unturned trainer for exploiting the games hidden abilities. Unturned trainer is available for pc version of the game, so if you play on other platforms, you won’t be able to use a pc Unturned trainer. They offer certain options that you can use immediately such as – Active Trainer, Infinite health, infinite stamina, infinite food, infinite water, oxygen, mega exp and more.

When you need Unturned trainer look no further. It will give the ability to use cheats easily in the game.


Unturned Mods List Download

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If you need Unturned mods, there are several to choose from, and all of them give you some new perspectives to the game. Here is a list of the best unturned mods available.


Spykacks's project nightmares

Spykacks’s project nightmares – this mod increases the difficulty of the game and makes it more scarier.


Toxicity Ammo Crafting

Toxicity Ammo Crafting – this allows you to craft ammo in the game.


Toxicity Item Stacking

Toxicity Item Stacking – this allows you to stack items.


Khroz FoodMod++ [Desserts Update]

Khroz FoodMod++ [Desserts Update] – this unturned mods gives you more options and food choices.


Rocket pack

Rocket pack – An object pack which includes 2 rockets, 2 launch pads a shuttle and other objects


History & Developments

Unturned was created by a one man army, his name is Nelson Sexton of Smartly Dressed Games, a game designer from Canada. It was released for pc/linux/mac on July 7, 2017. And it did very well, considering it didn’t have the backing and funding of a major production studio. It’s content was very good.

Nelson actually began his career in game design on the roblox site where he design 2 games on the site called battlefield and deadzone. And as you can see, Unturned has some resemblance to the roblox style.


Unturned Console Commands



Unturned is based on the survival horror game genre, and on first glance it looks like that popular game called roblox. Well, that’s not a coincidence because the creator of unturned created some content/games inside the roblox platform.

As you start the game you will see that it has some different game modes from which you can choose which one you like. There has been a zombie outbreak so you have to survive by whatever means possible. The players spawn on different parts of the map and will have to find the needed supplies, food, and weapons to survive attacks. players teaming together is allowed since it ensures a greater chance of survival with someone watching your back. You can use some unturned cheats to make the game easier.

The major things you have to keep in mind is to make sure that all your vitals are ok, meaning health, food and water, and radiation levels. If attacked by zombies you get a radiation poisoning so make sure to have the hazmat protection when entering “deadzones”. Multiplayer is available in the game so that even more people can get in on the fun. There are different maps available for play based on actual places such as washington, yukon, germany, greece, russiam hawaii, cyprus, e.t.c. There is never a dull moment in the game even though the graphics aren’t exactly the best, the content is great.




Unturned was greatly welcomed in the steam platform as a free game. It was voted in by the community which gave it their support. And to the surprise of many the game did very well considering it was mainly created by just one person. It was a good game overall and was quite popular on steam. Since its creation there have been more developers added to the team to make things a lot better. Unturned Cheats also helps with the gameplay.


Unturned cheats are provided free with no strings attached like most games. And you can even use Unturned trainer which takes all the the pain out of manually entering codes in the unturned console commands section. If you would like to add more features to the game, consider using the unturned mods, and there are many out there to choose from. And this guarantees that you won’t ever be bored.

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