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Dark Souls 3 Trainer

Dark Souls 3 Trainer

Welcome to the Dark Souls 3 Trainer which will allow you to hack the game and expand it’s possibilities. Dark Souls 3 cheats will unlock unlimited life, god mode, etc. And you could use Dark Souls 3 mods to go even further; there is so much that you can do.

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Dark souls 3 trainer and savegame

This game is one of the greatest action role-playing game that has been released in recent times, an im sure that the designers are always stressing out trying to top their previous installations. Well they have done it again and you can even use a dark souls 3 trainer offline to unlock god mode, all weapons, etc. You may have heard of the existence of Cheat Engine, and that it can allow you to cheat the game. And this is true for both offline and online multiplayer. However we only focus on being able to hack dark souls offline. Keep reading to find out more information about this very unique and glorious game.

Dark Souls has something like a cult following and for very good reason. There is really nothing like it out there when it comes to the freedom to influence the story, leaving it open to your own interpretation. This game was masterfully imagined, showing off great attention to detail with amazing graphics. Great character design and an amazing ability to transport the player to strange, new and exciting places. And of course so many types of creature designs you can’t even imagine. This game truly has so much to offer, and the community is very vocal about what the would like to see improved in following installments.

There have been several titles for this game, namely Dark Souls 1, 2, bloodborne, and 3. One of the most prevailing feelings and hopes was that the fans hoped dark souls 3 would return to form with how it looked in dark souls 1. While the game designers put up a stellar effort once again, some people realized that things may never go back to exactly how it was done in DS1. However it’s worth mentioning that DS3 will be the last iteration of this game for a while, but it ended with a possibility of a sequel. So its possible that we will get a Dark Souls 4 someday.

Dark Souls 3 Trainer & Save Game files

Using a Dark Souls 3 Trainer provides you with a nice and easy interface to manipulate the games internal settings and functions. So that all you have to do is toggle whichever options you want to enable. These options where not originally available so they are basically exploits and if you know how to work with computer code you can do it, but most people can’t and that’s where a Dark Souls 3 Trainer comes in, to take away the guess work.

Download it from here

Now without doing any work you can achieve Infinite Health, Infinite Stamina, Infinite FP, Infinite Items, Infinite Speed, and much more. One thing to always remember when using trainers is that you must always backup your game saves to prevent loss or corruption of your files. Once you’ve done this you can now activate the trainer and now select which functions you wish to activate. Make sure that you are using Dark Souls 3 Trainer in offline mode and never in online mode.

Dark Souls 3 Cheats You Might Like

If you are searching for Dark Souls 3 Cheats codes which you can enter from the console – you probably won’t find it because this game doesn’t offer cheats in that way. Your best bet is to use a trainer and also there are many mods out there that will help you to expand the limits of what you were already able to do in the game.

Some cheats that you can find could just be glitches in the game such as the glitch that allows you to get an extra Estus Flask.

There is another one that will allow you to easily beat the tutorial boss and all you have to do is start the game using the Pyromancer class.

Another Dark Souls 3 Cheats you could do involves faster levelling up, and this can be done by very easily farming souls as shown here:

Dark Souls 3 Mods And What it Does

Download all From Here

There are so many Dark Souls 3 Mods out there you won’t be able to get your hands on all of them. There is so much support for this game because anybody with the skills is welcome to mod the game and share mods with the community. And gamers are getting really good at modding the game.

Dark Souls 3 Mods have to be installed locally in Nexus Mods since it doesn’t yet have steam support just yet. Details for how to use mods are usually listed on its page. Some of the most useful Dark Souls Mods would be –

Infinite Possibilities

Infinite Possibilities

Infinite Possibilities: this was created by mouthmilk and its like a no-brainer and gives you 3 different characters fully kitted out with the essentials that you need. Things like armour, weaponry, and magic are tailored to each character so whichever one you choose is up to you, for whatever style of play you want to try.

First Person Cam

First Person Cam

First Person Cam: the game is originally in the third person perspective, and it does allow you to see more of the character surroundings. The interesting thing about this dark souls 3 mods is that it allows you to force first person cam, and it really looks good by making the game look like an entirely new game as you will experience the game differently.

Aggression Mod

Aggression Mod

Aggression Mod: When enemies see you, they will attack, they are very simple minded. But there is a range from which they can see you before they will attack. Also they will chase you within a certain range from their spawn point. This aggression mod by Zullie will manipulate this setting and allow you to increase or decrease these ranges. You can really make the game so interesting with this particular dark souls 3 mods.

Save Game Backup Tool

Save Game Backup Tool

Save Game Backup Tool: this is a very useful mod that allows you to basically get a do-over every time you mess up. It’s such a handy piece of script, and you could remove the uncertainty, and really experiment in the game without fear of losing big time. This dark souls 3 mods allows you to do save game intervals every 1 minute up to 59 minutes intervals if you so choose, and it was created by Svaalbard.

Don't Stop Moving Mod

Don’t Stop Moving Mod

Don’t Stop Moving Mod: Very interesting one, it discourages pausing and wants you to remain always on the move. It’s particularly challenging because most people will pause the game when they get to a new area to get their bearings or just to think about how to defeat a certain enemy or boss. This mod however says, “To hell with that, just play you noob”. So the end result will be an overall aggressive style of play which is faster, but you could definitely improve your overall skills because it actually forces you to be better. The mod was created by Loki.

Items Checklist Mod

Items Checklist Mod

Items Checklist: This is not really a mod, and neither is it a dark souls 3 trainer. But its still quite important and handy just the same. For those of us that like to keep track of everything as far as which items we’ve acquired, this nifty excel sheet by Braduzz619 is exactly what the doctor ordered. It allows a player to check off everything he has and keep really good inventory outside of the game.

Jojo Mod

Jojo Mod

Jojo Mod: This script really does something incredible just when you thought almost everything has been covered as far as what else people could do with this game. This script will allow you to use npc’s, but not your typical grunts. You can use powerful units which would normally be trying to kill you. Basically you can have a stand that will attack for you using it’s own unique attack and abilities, and thats pretty nifty if you ask me.


The Dark Souls game is a action role-playing game that has a third-person perspective. The third installment follows very closely to the Second one and the fans are not disappointed at all. The first thing you will notice is that the game has kind of a medieval theme going on, which gives it a dark theme. This is perfect because it really allows the player to visualize what the story writer of the game is trying to convey. The level designs are masterfully done because they are very intricate, unique, and are like an interconnected environment that continues throughout the story.

The game character makes use of a huge array of weapons and magical items which can all be used for combat against a wide range of monsters and also non-playable characters within the game. You also fight against Knights, dragons, and other types of monsters. Many people love this game but also have valid criticisms about it. For example people complain that the game is difficult, but many people are happy with its difficulty and need to use the brain. It’s far different from your everyday point and shoot types of games that are flooding the gaming space right now. Use Dark Souls 3 Trainer to unlock everything, its basically Dark Souls 3 Cheats.

The main theme of the story is that you are in what was once a vibrant, powerful and prosperous kingdom of Lothric which is now under attack by forces that seek to destroy. The currently released titles begin in this chronological order. Demon soul, Dark Souls I, Dark souls II, Dark souls III. In Demon souls your quest is to stop a demon infested fog.

The main theme of the story is that you are in what was once a vibrant, powerful and prosperous kingdom which is now under attack by forces that seek to destroy. The currently released titles begin in this chronological order. Demon soul, Dark Souls I, Dark souls II, Dark souls III.

In Demon souls your quest is to stop a demon-infested fog which devours the souls of living people. It was released made available for the playstation 3 in 2009 and was set in the fictional kingdom of Boletaria. The game had a dark and mysterious and bleak look to it but was full of adventure. You can easily see that the game drew some inspiration from grungy looking manga like Berserk, and games like legend of zelda. In this game you are also able to create and customize your player using the central hub system known as the nexus. As you explore the game you will find that there are 5 connected worlds packed with a lot of adventure.

In Dark Souls was the next game created after Demons souls, and it was to be multi-platform. The name was changed because of Demons souls was exclusive to playstation. It was released in 2011 for Windows PC and both the playstation 3 and the xbox 360 in 2012. It is the second game in the series which is set in a fictional kingdom of Lordran. You play as a cursed human and you are tasked figure out the undead and to try to prolong this current Age of Fire. One thing about dark souls is that there was always a level of difficulty and its up to you to piece everything together rather than being explained everything through the use of cut-scenes like we are used to seeing in most games of this nature.

In Dark Souls 2 your task is to find the cure for the “hollowing” sickness. And it was also released for the big 3 – Windows PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360 in 2014. While it is set in the same universe as DS1 it is not a continuation of that story because this one is set in the fictional kingdom of Drangleic.

Dark Souls 3 hit the scene in March 24, 2016 for windows pc, playsttion 4, and xbox One. In Dark souls 3 hack, everything comes together and follows the previous stories. Here you must put an end to the undead curse and the repeating pattern of the cycle of the age of fire. People will notice that it has a faced paced play style which can be easily compared to bloodborne.




This was actually a new IP (intellectual property) which was created alongside dark souls 2 and released in March 2015. And its really the same kind of game as the Dark Souls series visually speaking. The game creator Hidetaka Miyazaki wanted to created something different with a different perspective and bloodborne was created. He later discontinued this line because he felt it was just too limiting for what he ultimately wanted to accomplish.

It was also built on a third person perspective where players controlled a protagonist that could easily be customized to their liking. This is something that was always a feature in the dark souls series, giving the player the ability to customize as mucha s possible because it did help with the immersiveness of the game because it was a character which the gamers themselves created based on whatever they had in mind or were feeling, or they could identify with. It was what their ideal hero or protagonist would look like. Of course there are also 100’s of different items and weapons that the player can be equipped with which will make it an unstoppable force.

This game was also developed by FromSoftware and published by Sony Computer entertainment for the Playstation 4. And the design was also in the expected gothic and victorian era inspired city of Yharnam. The story says that the city’s inhabitants were plagued with a blood-borne disease. The game also features many terrifying monsters that are actually impressively designed. After being forcefully inducted into the ranks of the Hunters the player must now explore the land to find the source of this mysterious plague and to escape alive if possible.

Even though bloodborne was separate from dark souls it did have many similarities between the two. It also drew a lot of its inspiration from literary works of authors like H.P.Lovecraft and Bram Stoker. Even the different locations inside the game could be compared to real world location in places like Romania and Czech Republic which is really fitting if you ask me.

The story of bloodborne was highly anticipated as well and was given high praise for its gameplay style, audio design, and environments all within an interconnected world. People almost always mention the games difficulty which can be expected in the entire souls series, and this is something that players have come to both love and hate, but are still captivated by it.

Bloodborne was important to the entire series but could end up being forgotten as it could be overshadowed by Dark souls 1,2,and 3. It had many elements and the game world was interconnected. However not everything was interconnected. The safe zone in the game was known as the Hunters Dream, and one could replenish health by interacting with lanterns which were spread out across the world.

The battle aspect of it was also familiar because it involved a fast paced play style which favoured going on the offensive to make massive gains while fighting large number of foes. You even had the use of 2 primary melee weapons and also secondary weapons. and even some that were trick weapons which could be transformed into a different state for different purposes. The game was great but not every aspect of it was transferred into the dark souls series.

Future of Dark Souls

Future of Dark Souls

What Next For the Future for Dark Souls?

The series creator Miyazaki believes that Dark Souls 3 will be the last one, and that the Dev studio “FromSoftware” will be pursuing new ideas and games. However there may be a remastered version which will be headed by another development team.

The main theme of the story is that you are in what was once a vibrant, powerful and prosperous kingdom which is now under attack by forces that seek to destroy. The currently released titles begin in this chronological order. Demon soul, Dark Souls I, Dark souls II, Dark souls III. In Demon souls your quest is to stop a demon-infested fog. In Dark Souls you are tasked to try to prolong this current Age of Fire. In Dark Souls 2 your task is to find the cure for the “hollowing” sickness. In Dark souls 3 hack everything comes together and follows the previous stories. Here you must put an end to the undead course and the repeating pattern of the cycle of the age of fire.


The Dark Souls lead director and Series creator is Hidetaka Miyazaki. It was developed by FromSoftware a game design company and published by Badai Namco Entertainment. The game was created for Windows PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox one, so basically the next gen consoles. Many people however believe that the game is really much better to be played on the Pc computer. If you suspected that it was mostly done by a Japanese companies you would be right. The fourth entry into the souls series was DS3 which was first released in Japan in March 2016, and then it was released worldwide in April 2016 to much acclaim. Many fans of the game around the world were eagerly anticipating DS3 and they were not disappointed.


What’s not to love about the gameplay? It really follows along the already working formula from the previous entries where players are equipped from the beginning with assorted weapons for use to fight against various enemies. Weapons such as bows, throw-able projectiles, swords, and shields which can also double as an attack weapon too. It’s best use is as you can guess, for deflecting enemy attacks shielding the player from receiving any damages from enemy attacks. Before long you will figure out the different ways in which the weapons can be used because they come with 2 modes of attack, which would be the standard attack, and the other slightly more powerful attack. You can consider this to be the power move which will deal greater damages to the enemy assuming it makes contact with the enemy. With Dark Souls 3 Mods you can get unlimited weapons.

As you know, dying is inevitable in this game so where do you go when your character dies? Well you get re-spawned back to the “bonfires” because these serve as the checkpoints for the game.

dark souls review



Because Dark Souls III was critically anticipated due to all its previous success it was also highly commercially successful. Many critics considered it a worthy conclusion to an already amazing series even though the ending didn’t leave you feeling that this was definitely the end. There was certainly a feeling that a Dark Souls 4 or another follow-up could be possible, but at this point we don’t know yet. They say numbers don’t lie, just as Bandai Namco, DS3 was probably their fastest selling game in their history because they were able to sell over 3 million copies within just the first 2 months after release. And to make it truly complete they released a full package of Dark Souls 3: The fire fades containing both the main game including the DLC expansion and they released this on April 2017. If you need the Dark Souls Trainer Cheats you can find them here.


As you play the game you will notice some of the games features and tools such as, Evasion skills, Bonfires, Ashes, Magic, focus points, and hit points. There are different ways to get out of danger or avoid being attacked or hit and evasion skills such as dodge-rolling allows you to dodge attacks. Bonfires are basically checkpoints in the game that allow you to re-spawn closer to your last location. Ashes are very important in the game and magic is featured in the game. You can even notice that focus points an ability from the previous game are also available is DS3. These focus points are what is used up when players use magic. Your hit points shows how much life you have in real time, and you can use Estus flasks to refill them. And if you are so inclined, simply use Dark Souls 3 trainer to get everything you need.

One thing you will quickly notice about ds3 is that things are moving much faster. One could argue that it might be due to this iteration being created to take advantage of the faster next gen systems which are currently on the market such as playstation 4 and xbox one. PC can always be easily upgraded and the games do take advantage of faster processing power of the newer Intel processors and higher end graphics cards. For pc users the possibilities seem endless. In ds3, players will notice that the motions are even more fluid than before including the weapons and attack actions and motions of the characters. New behaviours can also be observed as npc do change combat pattern during battles. You will find lots of special abilities and skills available. Also a wide variety of weapons available for use. While there aren’t as many maps as the previous game, the current available maps are much larger than before, so its more like quality over quantity, and it really works in this case.


This game was really highly anticipated which wasn’t surprising due to the success of the previous titles which gave people something that was unique and exciting at the same time. The story and game mechanics all came together so well that it remained memorable to so many gamers. So they eagerly waited for ds3 which didn’t disappoint in the least. Metacritic gave it high praise, highlighting its faster pace which apparently was an improvement. Also its combat mechanics and overall impressive visuals. IGN reviewed it and gave it a massive 9.5 out of 10, which is definitely high praise to say the least. They also stated that ds3 was a proper way to end the series if it really was the end of the series.

Eurogamer also weighed in on the whole situation and believe that the game was a very essential and needed addition for games of this genre. Ars Technica lauded the continuation of its signature style which was truly a formula for success as shown by its sales numbers and high praise from other gaming news outlets. The Guardian scored it a complete 5/5 stating that it was a complete work and well rounded. And was the better game when compared to the first installment. Dlc’s were also created for the game, and there were 2 of them titled – Ashes of Ariandel, and The Ringed City. Both of them got very favourable reception with a huge amount of downloads for them. some added features that could be found in these dlc’s were the introduction of player versus player. You will also find new bosses and enemies that you didn’t see before.

DS3 saw massive success in Japan where the playstation 4 version sold over 200,000 copies within just the initial 2 weeks of release. The day-one launch also set record. This game became the fastest selling game title published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The company later announced that they reached over 3 million copies sold world wide. Most of the copies were sold in North America and Europe where there was high demand and lots of fans of the series. Check out the more lighter themed game Pokemon Emerald Rom Fire Red and Leaf Green.


If you like grungy looking games set in a sort of dystopian reality. A game that looks like a horror medieval action film border-lining on horror due to the dark theme and far-out creatures of magic, then this game is for you. In fact i recommend that you play the game in order from beginning to end started from Demons souls all the way to Dark Souls 3. It is just a fantastic and high quality game overall that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

No doubt this game is legendary for being difficult and unforgiving and many who love the game and want to progress through it may be searching for the Dark Souls 3 trainer offline which will help them to have unlimited life or god mode, and unlimited items. With Dark Souls Cheats you can not unlock all levels and unlock all items and resources so check it out now.The next game is Dragon Age Inquisition mods and Console Commands.