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Gta 5 Trainer

GTA 5 Trainer Cheats and mods are now available for pc, ps3, ps4, xbox one, and xbox 360. if you’re looking for some Grand Theft Auto 5 cheats this is your source to get everything all in one spot.

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What’s there to day about Grand Theft Auto V? Well, it’s probably the best action adventure and open world game ever made to date. And to date it is the best GTA title ever released throughout the entire series. It is the most recent one as well, and judging from the pattern, one can say that Rockstar continues to improve and perfect the game with each major release. In this genre one could say that the Grand theft auto series is the undisputed champion and no other game company has been able to topple them ever since the release of GTA 3 so long ago.

The stories continue to get better and better and Rockstar continues to improve and to push the boundaries of what should be possible in a game with each release. One of the biggest problems that open world games face is the struggles of maintaining a balance between the main mission stories and the stories that the player will actually create when playing the open world missions. Rockstar Games have had a lot of experience and a lot of chances to experiment and perfect the system to this level, so GTA 5 is currently the golden standard for how open world action games are to be made.

Grand theft auto 5 is just all about fun and games either, and it won’t take you long to realize that there are actually real world depiction of post modern American lifestyle. It uses satire to bring to light and poke fun at real world issues in a very clever and humorous way. There will be lots of reference to current events which you might miss if you are not aware of current affairs and politics. you will notice clever jabs targeting political groups and ideologies such as the far right, and the far left, the media, the divide between the poor, middle class, and the rich and much more, it even touches on the shallowness of children or millenials in this age of materialism. (Tip# Use gta 5 trainer to unlock Drunk Mode)


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Its important to note that a lot of work went into creating this game particularly in the aspect of realism and making it seem very real and alive. The issues it tackles through satire are very real and relatable which is what increases immersion into the game. A lot of the issues are the same ones which we face in our own lives on a daily basis depending on what income level that you are in, poor, middle class, or rich. There are many other things that have been improved such as the auto-aim is more steady, the cover system works better, and the cars handle better, all of these things make for an overall improved gaming experience. And you can enhance your experience by using a gta 5 trainer.


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When you need a Gta 5 Simple Trainer look no further. The trainer is fully functional and gives you a wider array of attributes and options that will really allow you to stretch the possibilities. Some people prefer to actually play the game from the beginning using cheats after already beating the game.

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Gta 5 Phone Cheats – Cell

In this gta 5 cellphone cheats section we will list the cheats you can use with cell phones in game. The normal method of doing it is through the console but its is also possible to activate cheats using the phones. And this is working on PC, Xbox 360, and Ps3.

How to Dial the Codes.

The different cheats correspond to different specific cheats so all you have to do is dial a certain number if you know what cheats you’re trying to do.

First step is to pull out you phone. On the pc you simply press “T” or “Backspace”. But if you’re on console simply press buttons on the d-pad – press UP.

Then go to your contacts list to bring up the dialing pad.

From here you can enter the phone number for your desired cheats.


PS3 and PS4 GTA 5 Cheat Codes

Here you can find cheat codes for the consoles.


GTA 5 PC Console Command Cheats

For those pc gamers you can easily use the console commands to turn on the cheats.


Best Gta 5 Mods Online

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1. Turn Los Santos into a photorealistic gangster’s paradise
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Turn Los Santos into a photorealistic gangster’s paradise

2. Become Iron Man
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3. Bring Game of Thrones to Grand Theft Auto with fire-breathing dragons
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4. Pretend you’re playing Blade Runner in a neon-soaked Los Santos
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5. Create an underwater megalopolis by triggering a tsunami
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6. Take realism to a whole new level
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7. Turn airplane pilots into psychopathic killers
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8. Become a knock-off Rico Rodriguez with Just Cause 2 gadgets
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9. Cross the fence and play GTA from the cops’ perspective
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10. Pay for your crimes the hard way by going to prison
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History and Development

For giant game companies like Rockstar you need a lot of manpower to put together any of their creations because they do things much bigger and better. They are always the trend setters and the benchmark to which other games inside and outside their genre can be judged. Before GTA V could see the light of day it a full team of at least 1000 people working around the clock to incorporate the best of everything into the game. The best story telling, the best use of the current generations game console hardware, the best voice actors for the job, the best depiction of real world locations in the virtual map, the best physics and graphics engine. And all of these things had to come together perfectly. Clearly this is no easy task but for Rockstar Games, this literally what they do, and if anyone could do it, it would be them. It cost at least 265 million dollars to build GTA 5 and the results were outstanding.

Production actually started by 2009 right after GTA 4 release and they didn’t waste any time at all. They were planning to do something even greater than GTA 4. One IGN reviewer surmised that if GTA IV was like a living city, then GTA 5 was a living world. That basically puts into perspective the great expanse that is this game and its ability to always provide something to do inside the game world. In order to achieve this they needed to overhaul their proprietary Rockstar Advanced Gaming Engine, also known as RAGE. And they were able to beef it up to they level that they needed it to perform for something as gargantuan as what they planned for GTA 5. It was a virtual open world that was modelled after Southern California and Los Angeles, and you can even see the similarities of actual places and even historical and famous landmarks. (Tip# Use gta 5 simple trainer to unlock invincibility).

They really put a lot of work into it getting the game world and this was one of the first things that was worked on because it represented the bulk of the entire project which makes sense because it is massive, a real virtual World. In order to really get a feel for what they were working on, and to immerse themselves in the sights and sounds the main key members took field research trips to the real life locations and took lots of pictures and video footage. One interesting thing to note is that Google maps played a tremendous role in this project being as accurate as possible. Heck, it might have been a huge deciding factor in how big they could make the world because they could simply use already existing data from google maps and simply recreate that knowing that every road actually leads somewhere. You can’t underestimate the impact that google maps must have had in making this virtual copy of Los Angeles and Southern California.


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It’s not coincidence that the games in general are improving and getting much better with the passage of time and more significantly with the improvement of game console hardware that developers are now able to work with. With each new generation the game consoles are becoming so much more powerful – giving game makers the freedom and flexibility to do more and take advantage of the power available. In the case of Rockstar, they are able to squeeze out as much power out of the console than other games prior so they got better and rose to the challenge. Also it doesn’t hurt to have an enormous budget, a proven working formula, and a track record of success. There were things that they could now do that they couldn’t do with previous generation consoles when GTA 4 was released. Take for example the fact that you are now able to control the 3 main characters all with their own unique personalities, and styles of missions tailored to your characters. This was an idea that was first considered for GTA San Andreas but couldn’t be implemented due to hardware restrictions at the time. But later after the release of GTA 4, they revisited the idea of allowing the player to experience the game-play from other personalities or characters and this was experimented with through the release of GTA 4’s episodic expansion packs which showcased new protagonists back in 2009. Some other aspects that were improved would include the shooting and bullet physics and also the car handling aspects of the game. Driving cars are definitely a major aspect of this franchise and it showcases a lot of really high end and premium cars. It would make sense that the driving experience would be pleasant and agreeable as well.(Tip# Use gta 5 native trainer to unlock god mode).

When releasing a game of this magnitude and you’re checking off thing on the list, its also important to make sure that you choose the best voice actors for the job, and Rockstar did just that. After the audition process was finally completed 3 men were selected to take on the huge role of voicing the games main protagonists. Ned Luke, Shawn Fonteno, and Steven Ogg were chosen to portray the voices of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor in the order. After looking at the finished product all one can say is that they have done the best possible job as far as selecting the very best talents to take on this role that would make gaming history. These 3 men will be remembered for a very long time. Motion capture technology was used to capture all their motions that they made while other talking scenes where they were in the seated position were recorded in a sound studio.

The Music for the game had to be memorable as well, as you can see there is a formula to creating these epic games and rockstar games are the masters at their craft in this genre. Grand theft auto 5 is the only title from their entire library that actually has it’s own music score. The whole thing was composed by different teams of music producers all working together over several years. We all know that Grand Theft Auto is famous for the in game music and audio, well they had to get licenses to actually put those songs onto about 15 in-game radio stations. In total the number of licensed songs were at least 241 tracks of very good music from a wide variety of genres. There were also voice recordings of very funny comedy skits from a radio host perspective while featuring guests on his radio show. Even all those funny radio commercials all had to be sorted out before they could be used. (Tip# Use gta 5 cheats pc to unlock max health and armour).


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Before GTA 5 was released it went through some setbacks which resulted in the release date pushed back. Announcement that its production had started was first released back in 2013 which brought a lot of anticipation because of the content and how it tackled real world society and tackled real world issues. It was then slated for a 2013 release but had to be pushed back to allow for more polishing of the game. They even did some viral marketing to make a huge buzz about the game and get a lot of interest in the game and also gain a lot of pre-orders. They even mentioned that some lucky people would win the chance to be a part of the game which was a very big deal to many of the fans. Rockstar was planning a release for Windows Pc, playstation 4, and xbox one which were the current generation of video game consoles. The console versions were finally released in November 18th 2014 while the PC version was delayed until 14th April 2015. The PC version however was able to handle the gameplay at 60 fps at 4k resolution which is tremendous, and further highlights the abilities of computers vs consoles. However as far as console gaming goes, everything ran smoothly and amazing graphics and detail. (Tip# Use gta V cheats pc to unlock super jump).



GTA 5 is has etched itself in the history books forever and Rockstar is a pioneer of action-adventure games. For the first time Rockstar allowed the game to be experienced through the eyes of more than one main character which is something that has never been done before on such a grand scale. They executed it perfectly because the player can shift between any of the 3 main characters with ease and without any technical difficulties, and it is definitely a feature that other game companies are taking notes on and will no doubt try to implement. But in order to do it as successfully as Rockstar have done it, you would most likely need some big pockets for research and development. Now in GTA 5 players can play in the first person or the third person perspective while completing various available missions. As far as the missions go, they are straight forward with set goals and adventures as usual. But when you are in the free roam option you can have access to the entire map for exploration, and what you get is a combination of the San Andreas open countryside area and Los Santos. (Tip# Use gta 5 cheats ps4 to unlock Fast Run) The game Saints Row 3 shares a lot of similarities to the GTA franchise.

For Attacking melee attacks are your first defence and you can find the character uses a nice variety of combo moves in boxing and also kicking and throwing. You can even use bats, firearms and explosives when dealing with enemies. When starting the game newly you immediately have access to the entire map so you can get inside a car and drive around exploring. There are also different types of vehicles such as atv’s, boats, and planes which you can fly to a new destination on the other side of the map. While doing various missions you will take some damage and when that happens the health meter will gradually fill up but only to the halfway point, and during death the player can respawn at the hospital just like in the previous games. The police chase system is improved and you can get a wanted status when you perform actions which violate the law such as shooting civilians or causing accidents which endanger civilians, so you can see your wanted level on your heads up display which is depicted with stars, the more stars shown the higher the wanted level and more brutal the police will be to try to apprehend you such as using the SWAT team and shooting you from Helicopters. The highest wanted star level possible in the game in a total of 5. But if you are able to hide from the officers line of sight then the wanted level enters a cool down process and finally goes away. (Tip# Use gta 5 cheats ps3 to unlock moon gravity)


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Single player mode is where you enter the story and are able to play as any of the 3 career criminals, Michael, Trevor, of Franklin. And the reason this really works so well is that their stories are intertwined and they are all related through different individual circumstance that set them in the same path to where they actually form a team and do various crimes together – ranging from small petty crime to large and outlandish crimes such as big heists. You will notice however that the game will automatically switch between each player in order to complete some missions if that character has a better chance of getting specific tasks completed. The directional compass on the screen is what allows you to switch between characters. It will glow red when a character is in some danger, or white if he has some strategical advantage. You can complete missions using any of the 3 guys, but on some missions computer assistance is necessary such as other non playable characters with different personality and specific skill set that are needed to get the job done such as computer hacking, or someone to drive the getaway car when the other 3 have their hands full during heists. (Tip# Use gta 5 cheats xbox 360 to unlock Fast swim)

Depending on your personal style of play you will find that any of the 3 guys will be more suitable for you assuming you don’t really need specific and unique skills, especially if you use gta 5 simple trainer. All 3 of them have up to 8 skills each and shows their proficiency level in each. But they also each have one skill in which they are really suited for and excel in – the 8th skill. Take for example, Michael gets the bullet time mode mode when in combat, and Franklin can slow down time when driving, and Trevor can dish out twice the amount of damage that he receives. Of course they can’t use these abilities infinitely because there is a meter that shows on screen how much is being used and depleted. In order to replenish it they have to perform some skillful acts such as long jumps, flipping the car, drifting or performing headshots, etc.

The free roaming aspect provides endless fun and activities that you can do. you have the freedom to do whatever you want in the game. There are activities such as scuba diving, base jumping using a parachute and many more activities. You can even take a selfie while doing these. Amazingly there is actually an ingame internet system and you can do some online stock trading check emails and do other interesting stuff. you can buy properties and live the millionaire lifestyle as long as you have the money to do it. upgrade everything including weapons and cars and do body modifications such as haircuts and tattoos. (Tip# Use gta 5 cheats xbox one to unlock Recharge Ability)


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A good story is always essential if you want to keep the game and missions memorable and Grand Theft Auto 5 doesn’t disappoint. It takes us through a series of events which lead up to our 3 main protagonists meeting up with each other, and then working together to perform some of the greatest feats of crime in the fictional Los Santos. Michael and Trevor had known each other nine years earlier, way before they met up with Franklin. They were both involved in a failed robbery attempt in Ludendorff, north yankton, and since then Michael Townley has been in witness protection, in fact he was going under the alias of Michael De Santa. And then we have Franklin who is working for an Armenian car salesman on the other side of town. Franklin is tasked to go and repossess Michael’s sons car fraudulently and that is how they meet up, become friends and Franklin decides to go under his wing to learn about bigger things in the crime game.

Everything is not well in Michaels home. His son doesn’t respect his authority, his daughter doesn’t listen and isn’t very bright, his wife is also strong willed and materialistic. He one day discovers her in bed with her tennis coach and flies into a rage. He chases him to his home and destroys it in a rage. This move turns out to be a bad idea because the owner of the home was the girlfriend of a mexican drug lord Martin Madrazo who requires compensation for the damages. Realizing that he is in big trouble Michael gets back into the life of crime and enlists the help of Franklin, and also an old friend called Lester who is a crippled hacker that walks with the aid of a cane. Michael and Francis perform a successful jewelry heist which allowed them to procure the funds in order to pay off Madrazo. But the trouble doesn’t end there because Trevor has now found micheal and he is actually living very close by in the outskirts of los santos at a trailer park. But all this time Trevor thinks that Michael was killed at their failed heist nine years ago, but after he hears about the jewelry heist he realizes that michael was behind it and starts looking for him and then shows up at his home. (Tip# Use grand theft auto 5 cheats ps3 to unlock Parachute)

As michael is running around in circles try to get a grip on the recent developments his home is still in disarray and continuously spinning out of control. His entire family leaves him because of his erratic behaviour so he ends up living by himself for a while. He soon decides to try his hands at becoming a movie producer at the film studio called Richards majestic but he soon ruffles feathers of Devin weston who is not happy with michael at all because he had plans to shut down the studio. Devin weston is no ordinary guy, he is a self made billionaire who wanted to close down Richards majestic, his lawyer also dies in an accident. Meanwhile Franklin is also having his own issues because he needs to help his friend Lamar who is currently targeted by former friend Harold Stretch Johnson. Stretch is trying to take out lamar in order to prove himself to his new crew of hoodlums. Trevor is also doing his own crazy things trying to take over control of some black markets in blaine country, so he ends up in a war with the motorcycle gang, some latin street gangs, meth dealers, private security firm merryweather and Triad boss Wei Cheng.


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Of course it doesn’t stop there, GTA games have always shown the controversial reality of things such as corrupt cops, and in this case its corrupt FIB agents who recruit Michael and use him to undermine another agency which they were having some difficulty with. They even do highly dangerous and controversial missions with lesters help such as attacking an armoured convoy which was carrying the IAA’s money, and they also stole chemical weapons from their lab. They even erase evidence from Fib servers and Michael uses that opportunity to erase files mentioning himself as well, and this removes the leverage that Steve had on him. (Tip# Use grand theft auto 5 cheats ps4 to unlock skyfall)



Due to the high anticipation for this game it was welcomed with critical acclaim from all outlets. Ever since the first announcement of its development way back in 2011 people had been waiting for 3 years for the game to arrive, and maybe 4 years for those waiting for it to be released for the Windows PC version. Metacritic gave it a high score of 97/100 based on their reviews for all console versions as well as pc. Interestingly grand theft auto 5 tied for this position for some other games that they had reviewed. One thing that they liked a lot was the introduction of multiple lead characters which is something that Rockstar Games did so well and executed the gameplay seamlessly to perfection, although some of their critics weren’t sold on the character stories. IGN referred to it as one of the best games ever made and generation-defining. Edge wrote that it was a remarkable achievement for open world gaming and truly exceptional. Daily Telegraphy called it a colossal feat of technical engineering. And Japanese video game magazine Famitsu gave it a perfect score. What is amazing about this is the fact that GTA5 is the only second western video game for them which they have given that high a score. (Tip# Use grand theft auto 5 cheats xbox one to unlock Explosive melee attacks)

Everyone knew that Grand theft auto 5 was something special, and within the first 24 hours of its release it had already generated more than $800 million worldwide, with about 11.21 million copies sold. Of course the sales continued to climb bringing it to over 1 Billion dollars after only just 3 days. This broke a record of being the fastest selling entertainment product in history. It broke 7 Guiness world records for fastest selling video game in 24 hours and more. By February 2018 the game has generated over $6 Billion in revenue making it the most profitable entertainment product of all time.


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Gta 5 is a completely awesome game that should rightfully be in any serious gamers collection. According to some critics it is a generation defining game comprising lots of current affairs about the current state of our world which the city of los santos is modelled after. With the ever increasing popularity of Grand Theft Auto Online it would be a very long time before people put it down because there is always new stuff to see and explore with gamers from all over the world forming communities and playing together. It is truly remarkable what Rockstar has accomplished with this game. The game can be challenging at times so you can use gta 5 cheats to make things easier and much more fun. There are many abilities that can be enhanced or acquired and by using a properly updated gta 5 trainer you will be able to unlock all of it. The next game is Grim Dawn Trainer mods and cheats.