Dragon Age Inquisition Mods Cheats Console Commands

Dragon Age Inquisition Mods

Dragon Age Inquisition Mods

Are you searching for Dragon Age Inquisition mods online? Well look no further, we have listed all the Dragon Age Inquisition cheats and console commands for pc, xbox one, and playstation 3 and 4 that you need to unlock awesome stuff in the game.

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Just check out our full list of tips and tricks that will easily get you on your way as soon as possible. Below we list some more information about the story of the Dragon Age Inquisition series.

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Rpg games are awesome to play, and one of the reasons is because we know that we are in for a very eventful ride. And when you think about it, rpgs are one of those games that will give you your money’s worth because of how massive and open world they usually are. And game developers are getting better at making this vast fictional world maps with lots of different elements in them that you will come to expect from a some mystical faraway lands such as tall grasses, forests, wildlife, dangerous animals, rivers, interaction with other people even if they are NPC’s, and much more.

All of these things can be expected from Dragon Age Inquisition, which is a sequel to the previous games Dragon Age Origins, and Dragon Age 2. This game was well done featuring lots of elements from the previous titles. And while it borrowed many aspects from the previous titles, many things were omitted and instead new elements replaced them which is a good thing for this game which strives to improve upon the previous titles wherever it can without ruining the overall experience and feel of what the series fans have come to expect from their beloved Dragon Age games.

Just look on the internet about other peoples experiences about the game. They will tell you that they have easily logged at least 150 hours of precious time playing the game. One person confessed on a blog site that he actually spent over 150 hours playing the game within a short span of 2 months. The game is quite beautiful and keeps you thinking about playing it. It certainly has the hallmarks of being a great game.

Dragon Age Inquisition Mods That Works

Originally people didn’t think they would be able to use Dragon Age Inquisition Mods, but it was announced in December 19, 2014. But modding tools were released which made it possible for most people who had the skillz to work with them to create some pretty cool things in the game. This was a good move because there is actually a lot of interest for dragon age inquisition mods.

The community for this is growing really fast, and at the time of this post it has a high search rate on search engines especially Google. Of course with access to the DAI tools – EA now has to beef up it’s protections against cheaters who would take advantage of these mods to try to cheat. Overall it was a good decision to give modders access as the demand is quite significant. Lot’s of mods can be found at Nexus, but here are some of the most popular dragon age inquisition mods below.

DAITools Suite Loader

DAITools Suite Loader

DAITools Suite Loader

It allows users to download the mod maker

Skyhold outfit colors

Outfit mod

Outfit Mod

This allows you to change appearance and outfits.

War Table – No Waiting

War Table - No Waiting

War Table – No Waiting

This option allows you to complete war table missions immediately.

SK Hair Pack



This gives you access to a whole lot of different hairstyles.

Custom Body Models

Custom Body Mods

Custom Body Mods

This will allow you to mod the body parts and attributes for the different characters and races.

Dragon Age Inquisition Cheats and Glitches

Dragon Age Inquisition Cheats were available before the modding tools were announced. Cheats are always going to be available, but mods are also highly sought after. In the case of dragon age, it appears that the mods are more popular than the cheats. Some of them can also be considered as glitches because they are not really activated through the console commands.

Below you will find some of the most common dragon age inquisition cheats, glitches and exploits that are available to use right now.

Infinite Skill Points

The way this particular glitch works is to take advantage of the fact that if you loot a chest but don’t loot everything the first time around. The contents will be replenished if you do a fast travel and then return to the same chest. But this doesn’t work for all the chests, it has to be a chest which contains an Amulet of power along with some other stuff. The Amulet gives you +1 skill points when you take it. And then do fast travel to Skyhold and then return to the same chest. You will discover that the Amulet has been replenished. Pretty neat huh?

Infinite Gold

This one is quite easy, all you have to do is mark any item as valuable and then go to any shop and press Y and A quickly. These functions are “Sell All” and “Sell” respectively. Now, if you return to the buy back screen you will notice that the item has increased by 100. Its possible that this glitch has been patched in your version but if not, you can continue to do this as many times as possible to fill up your gold.

Maximum Influence and power

This one also exploits the shop and all you have to do is go to any shop and buy influence and power. The trick here is to immediately sell it back to the merchant without exiting the shop at all. Just sell it right back. Then when you’re done and you exit you will see that you still amassed some influence and power even though you sold them.

Easy Climbing

Maybe this one is not really a cheat, and more like common sense, but many people might not think to do it. When you’re in a party some of your party members which are controlled by the computer are better are climbing choosing the best path, so you can simply switch to any of them which have already climbed to a good position.

Dragon Age Inquisition Console Commands

You will need the Dragon Age Inquisition console commands if you want to be able to enter cheats or commands. The console gives you the ability to use a lot of different functions. The was to open up the Dragon Age Inquisition console commands is to use the “Tilde” key on your keyboard, it looks like this ” ~ ” and it is the first key on the keyboard right before the 1 key at the top left. Hit shift then press the tilde button to activate the console.

You will find a lot of useful functions have to be accessed through the Dragon Age Inquisition console commands window, and it will allow you to run internal scripts that are already available within the game. Keep in mind that it is always recommended that before you use Dragon Age Inquisition console commands you should back up your game files so that if something goes wrong you can always revert to the last known working files. This is always the safe and recommended practice.

Dragon Age Inquisition Trainer

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  • Numpad 1 – infinite health
  • Numpad 2 – infinite mana
  • Numpad 3 – infinite focus
  • Numpad 4 – infinite barrier
  • Numpad 5 – infinite experience
  • and more.


Dragon Age Inquisition is an amazing action role playing game which was the third game created for the highly successful Dragon Age series. It was developed by Bioware Edmonton and then published by Electronic Arts. It was released all over the world in 2014 to much acclaim due to the success of its predecessors. Inquisitions was the sequel to the earlier Dragon Age Origins, and Dragon Age II which were great games in their own rights, and paved the way for inquisition. It was a multi-platorm release on all the major generation consoles such as Playsation 3 and 4, Xcox 360, and xbox One. Oh and lets not forget the great PC Master Race!! The Microsoft Windows Pc version was also available for purchase, and this is necessary for a game such as this if you ask me.

Many of the gameplay attributes for Inquisition were very similar to the previous titles, and had elements that one might expect from a typical RPG game. But one thing to know about the Dragon Age is that it wasn’t without its ups and downs, and it too suffered some problems that could best be described as growing pains. By the time Dragon Age 2 was released it began to be spoken about as a series which was struggling with its own identity and about what it was trying to accomplish. Basically critics would discuss it as having an identity crises because they guys responsible were going in directions that seemed unclear to the fans and critics at large.

Of course Bioware sought to fix this issue after receiving that kind of feedback. And in their quest to improve on past creations they came up with Inquisition. It was the third version in the dragon age series and it combined elements from the first 2 games. It took them about 4 years to create it because development started in 2011 and the game was officially announced at the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo, and then released in 2014. Based on the high praise from the gaming community world wide it was clear that Dragon Age Inquisition hit it’s mark with its release. It was nominated for over 150 awards and won best RPG of the year.


Dragon Age Inquisition was developed by Bioware and their vision for Inquisition was to meld the great aspects of both Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2. The result was a very polished game that was better all around and had a much larger world map that could be explored and free roamed.

There were many challenges to be overcome in the making of the game until it was finally ready. First of all Bioware was already known for creating great games such as Bioshock and the entire Mass Effect series. So development on their other games delay production of the Inquisition. After a lot of consideration and work it was decided that it would be released by the Fall of 2014. It was actually supposed to be called Dragon Age III, but they decided to call it Dragon Age Inquisition cheats instead, and the main platform would be PC based.



Earlier that year in march Bioware released a trailer to showcase what inquisition had to offer by showing some of the landscapes found in the game. They also released another one which showed actual gameplay and then they released another one which gave hints about the games new storyline. It was revealed that Inquisition would take inspiration from some of the really successful titles which were around at the time such as the Elder Scrolls v skyrim. At some point they came to the conclusion that they could no longer keep reusing environments.

Some juicy additions to the game was the inclusion of a 4 player coop mode which seemed like a multiplayer, but it was mainly a mode that was kept separate from the regular single player mode which already existed. Moving forward by November xbox one owners were given a sneak peek with the 6 hour trial version of the game.

There were about 5 downloadable content DLC for the game which were released on July 6, 2015 named Jaws of Hakkon, Dragonslayer, Spoils of the Avvar, The Descent, Trespasser. Jaws of Hakkon provided new weapons, armour, enemies as also new areas to explore such as the Frostback Basin. Dragonslayer catered to the multiplayer experience because it added new multiplayer map called Ferelden Castle and 3 new playable characters, called Amund the sky watcher, Zither the virtuoso and Isabella. Spoils of the Avvar provided a new bundle pack giving mounts of a different type and also included some customizations. The Descent was also multiplayer focused allowing you to play as the inquisitor and go exploring deep roads to discover things. Trespasser is for single player, and it is the third DLC for the game. This one puts you against the Qunari invasion and you play the role of the Inquisitor. The music in the game was really good, and made by Trevor Morris.


The start of the game is the same as most games currently being made today, and as the game begins one of the first tasks you have to do is selecting your character design. You have the ability to choose between many different choices, for example the race of your character could either be Human, dwarf, elf as well as Qunari which are now playable for the first time. You can also customize appearance of the character by defining gender and physical appearance. Aside from the physical appearance of the player, one can also choose the type of profession or class such as rogue, warrior, or mage. As listed, there are only these 3 classes which will determine how the player explores through the game.

You will now be able to customize your players as you see fit and you can bestow to them special abilities that will help them with their quests and journeys. You will also find that the use of Dragon Age Inquisition mods can also help. The ultimate goal or final level that the character can attain is the title of Inquisitor. And this inquisitor will be seen as a holy figure in the land of Thedas. This land thedas is where this virtual game world is located in, and it was really beautifully designed and shows off the hard work of the game level designers. The inquisitor does have a tough job to do because his decisions can have big consequences and can shape the future of Thedas so his actions can have great consequence both good and bad.

He has the authority to judge people and decide whether their in the wrong or not. Thedas is really vast and it contains 4 regions. The first is the same one where Dragon age origins was set in called Ferelden, and there are 3 other regions that haven’t yet been explored regions titled Nevarra, the free Marches, and Orlais. This time around there are mounts to ride and they were put in this Dragon Age Inquisition Console Commands because they wanted to make it possible for the players to cover ground in the map a lot faster than before. And the addition of these mounts was a very good idea.



Despite what people might be expecting, apparently Dragon Age Inquisition Cheats is not an open world game despite its size. It was revealed that one of the levels in inquisition was larger than the entire game of Dragon Age 2 which is actually impressive if you stop to think about it. The value packed in inquisition is high, and its a game that will keep you playing because you really enjoy playing it. You will be able to notice all types of terrain in the game such as mountains, deserts, swamps and more. The game even has romance aspects where it is possible to have romantic love interests and cultivate and observe what happens and how it affects the story.

Some of the genius things about Inquisition is the fact that things react as you might expect in real life interactions. Take for example clothing on different character model might look a little different than when worn by a different race or class. You certainly have a lot of options when it comes to customization and it has been severely improved from the last game. When upgrading things such as your armor you can improve it if you use rare materials or items. One thing to note is that armor will automatically adjust itself depending on the character who is equipped with it. And its also possible for players to customize their keeps or castles.

Some people wanted to know if inquisition would allow them to import their saved games from previous titles, but this is not recommended because it was necessary to maintain a high consistency throughout the game. But as a way to make it up to the fans Bioware released a handy cloud based interactive story creator which was called Dragon Age Keep. This would allow people to have the customization they needed without needing to replay the previous games.

There are other ways to gain a lot of notoriety in the game such as attacking forts or keeps and capturing them. And in order to be able to lay claim to it you have to defeat the original occupants. As you continue to play the game and explore more parts of the game you will find yourself having to go across the map often. The provided mounts are helpful but even that can get tiresome after a while when you just want to get to a location as soon as possible without wasting any more time – for these times you can make use of the fast travel and resupply points. You will also find more opportunities to do some work such as discovering and fixing buildings such as bridges, pathways and caves. And by making these repairs you will now have access to the regions that were previously inaccessible.

One of the most important things strategically when going on quests in the game is how you plan your team. Depending on different missions you should know what is the best team composition that will provide the best answers to problems you might encounter. The team members will have different abilities and its up to you to know what those are and plan how you are going to use that during battles. So its a great idea to set up your team composition so that team members compliment each other and are strong in different areas so that they can support team members is areas that they are weak, and this is proper team planning. The game is usually in a third person style and you are able to switch between the different members of the party and control them. But when you do that the computer will now take over control of your main character which is the inquisitor. The combat systems really are improved with the combat options is proper view. You are also able to use 2 different tactical views. The first is the standard over the shoulder type of third person view and the second one is the top down view which makes it easier to set traps and really view the whole combat area from an overview.


Of course no game these days are complete without the addition of multiplayer and for Dragon Age Inquisition Cheats it is called “dungeon crawling experience”. This name was giving to it by Bioware themselves and this is not the typical pvp or arena style multiplayer. This is more of a cooperative multiplayer where you can play with friends as a team and explore dungeons. There are many aspects to this multiplayer style, and it is very well done. This is the first time that multiplayer has been integrated into the dragon age franchise and it has been requested a lot. Now 4 friends can team up together forming a party and play together exploring dungeons. Always make sure that you don’t equip Dragon Age Inquisition mods that would make the game unfair during multiplayer.

In this multiplayer you have to use crafting if you want to move further in the game. This will give you the ability to create new items that are stronger and essential because they will give you an edge in battle. It will even allow you to create much better armor which will allow you to limit damage taken from hits or blows. As far as the progression of the game being directly linked to crafting, take for example you craft a set of alchemist armor it will now unlock that class of characters and will also open up new things to explore in the game, and this is how the game progresses in multiplayer. Also it is possible to get new armour for your current available class of characters but it will not increase or decrease any of your stats, and there will be no changes to the stats at all. There are actually over 80 armour customizations that can give your character a new or improved look. In the regular mode of the Dragon Age Inquisition Console Commands you can gain new items through exploration of the map, but while in multiplayer mode you get them through salvaging items.



In multiplayer while you are doing quests you can find gold, but you wont find things like potions. This means that when you have completed the quest you can then use your gold to buy chests. And these chests contain a lot of items such as weapons, mods, potions, runes, armour, and other items like this. Like a lot of game coming out of late, Bioware does include the option of buying chests using real money if you want to, and you are not forced to do this like you will find in a lot of mobile games. And there is no paywall so nothing will actually be restricted. The idea here is that you can buy anything with the in-game money or gold coins that you can buy with real money. Sometimes players might want to do some trading, but in this multiplayer it is not possible. Things like Player items, weapons and skill points are non transferrable so the multiplayer is a completely isolated mode from the single player, and importantly there won’t be any adverse effects to your single player campaigns. If you have some items that you don’t need or dont like then you have the option to salvage it and get better crafting items instead which will allow you to craft better weapons. And with better weapons you can get even better crafting materials just like in Endless legends.

The multiplayer also has the Inquisition HQ app which allows you to access your characters and inventory. And this is where you can salvage new items, switch up your loadout, and craft some new items. Its important to note that this works on PC first and foremost, and tablets and smartphones.


The story of Dragon Age Inquisition is quite amazing. In this world things such as magic exist. Different species and lifeforms also coexist together with magical beings. There are great wars happening but people seek peace and prosperity, a chance at having a life that isn’t filled with war, death, and destruction. And that was the reason for the Conclave, a great gathering of the rulers of the world. Individuals and groups who held great influence in the fate of the world came together for the first time to discuss peace. They all gathered at the request of Divine Justinia, and it must have been no easy task to gather all these people together. Unfortunately during this Conclave tragedy struck with a powerful explosion that destroys everyone at that gathering, including the Divine, Senior Clerics, many mages and templars and magical beings. And this created the Breach, The Rift, a massive hole in the veil that was the magical boundary between the physical world of the living and the spirit world known as THE FADE. Now it is clear that not everyone wants peace. There are powerful evil forces who seek to continue the age of chaos.



However, not everyone perished at the great Conclave tragedy as previously thought. There was one lone survivor who emerged from the rubble with a mysterious mark on his hand capable of closing the rift. And this person had no memory of what happened at all. You the player are this man and you help on of the discyples of the Divine called Cassandra to close many rifts as she re-establishes the order of the Inquisition in order to fulfill one of the last commands of the Divine Justinia. As you become the Inquisitor you are also known as the Herald of Andraste. It is important to note that there was a faction that was created after the original inquisition. They were the Chantry and who were now leaderless, and this is what prompted Cassandra and Leliana to re-establish the Inquisition.


Review aggregator metacritic gave Dragon age Inquisition a good score, while JOYSTIQ gave it a perfect score highliting the fact that it was a really fantasy epic game. And immense game boasting the vast landscape of Thedas. Some believed that Inquisition should have been the sequel for Dragon Age Origins because it was definitely better and meshed better. Hardcore Gamer is another gaming site that gave Inquisition a perfect score stating that the storyline and great combat system really helped with immersion into the game. Polygon gave it a high score of 9.5/10 giving special mention to the well fleshed out and written characters, the combat system was good and the stories were well connected. Game Informer also scored the game at 9.5/10 because the game had very detailed environments, character models and spell effects. The voice acting was quite great as well.




So far so good, Dragon Age Inquisition has been what fans have hoped for a long time, and shows that Bioware actually listened to the fans complaints and suggestions. Many believe that Dragon Age Inquisition is the game that should have directly followed Origins. And while that wasn’t the case we’re glad to have Inquisition. The single player is great and the Multiplayer Dungeon Crawling is also something that friends can look forward to playing. It is a separate mode from the single player so it doesn’t affect the main gameplay. While the game doesn’t force you to spend real currency you can still use the Dragon age Inquisition mods to get as much gold coins and unlock other awesome items all for free. Try it now. The next game is Stardew valley cheats trainer and mods.