House Party Console Commands Cheats

House Party Console Commands

House Party Console Commands

Need some House Party console commands? Well now you are in luck because we have the House Party cheats that you would need. Also if you need trainer or mods we have other games available for download so stay tuned.

Console Commands Cheats

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House party is a pretty good looking game, really similar to games such as the sims or avakin life, or any of those dating or lifestyle sims that you can usually find for mobile android and ios. House party does have a lot going for it, and we will take a look at how we can expand its possibilities and use house party console commands in a the best and most effective way to unlock those house party cheats.

House Party Console Commands & Cheats

house party console commands is the best or only available way to do more stuff in the game that you normally can’t get access to. If you want to get to the house party cheats then you have to open up the command screen and enter the cheats into the box in order to enable it. And its actually very easy to do this.

First PRESS tilde key “~” to get access to the console and from here you can enter the commands. There is even a handy way to see what available hacks you can get from the house party console commands.

Here are some cheats:

warpto vickie player
warpto amy player
warpto brittney player
warpto ashley player
warpto katherine player
warpto stephany player
warpto rachael player
warpto madision player


clothing stephanie 0 off
clothing stephanie 1 off
clothing stephanie 1 off
clothing stephanie 1 off
clothing stephanie 1 off


pose stephanie 0 true
pose stephanie 1 true
pose stephanie 2 true
pose stephanie 3 true
pose stephanie 4 true


house party cheats


House Party Trainer Download

House party trainer is not available for this game but all is not lost – its perfectly possible to take advantage of the available cheats options which are readily available for free online. And all you would have to do is a quick search. Those cheats are also listed right here on

House Party Mods List Download

There are no house party mods available as of yet as this is not offered. But there are many other fun ways to play the game and you can’t really go wrong by using just the house party console commands to unlock some pretty cool stuff in the game.


house party trainer



The game plays relatively average and it seems that the kinks haven’t been worked out for the movement and flow of the game. So the controls are not the best. Other people do mention that the textures are terrible so the game does have a lot of issues to work out, but at the very least you can always count of making use of the house party console commands working. There are several bonuses included in the game and you can get easy access to them if you make use of the house party cheats. The game is made by Eek Games.

The game takes place in a house where a party is going on, and there are different people in attendance both males and females. Everyone has their own stories and reasons for being at the party. But one main reason is to meet someone and possibly hookup. And that is to sum this game up in a nutshell. There are different obstacles that get in the way of realizing this goal but people have to get past these obstacles in order to reach their goal. Some house party console commands cheat codes can be used to make these characters do what you need them to do.


The game is an interesting game and it deals with really adult themes and since its a dating simulator usually the objective is to try to create seksual situations and mate with females. This is considered as doing well in the game. There are many who complain about the games seemingly misogynistic tone where it appears that females are being objectified or reduced to just seks objects. Although there are many who are willing to disagree and also argue that the male roles in this game are also stereotyped as being jock types without a brain who only have very few things or absolutely nothing in mind.


house party



Did you enjoy reading our article about how you can use the house party console commands to unlock hidden aspects of the game? This is essentially how you can go about unleashing the house party cheats that the game offers you. So far those looking for house party trainers are out of luck because so far its not supported. Also mods for the game are not supported as well so we have to make do with the many console command cheats. The next game is Mount and Blade Warband cheats mods trainer.