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Ready for CK2 cheats? Now you can use Crusader Kings 2 – CK2 console commands to enable cheats and also if you need trainer and mods you’ve come to the right place. Don’t hesitate to check out all the goodies we’ve got in store for you – all in one spot.

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Crusader Kings 2 is a great game which is in the same strategy style as another well known game called Victoria. Crusader Kings 2 is a lot like a history lesson since it features actual notable people who actually lived, and performed many different exploits.

Crusader Kings 2 CK2 Cheats & Console Commands

CK2 cheats are great for giving you free resources without having to really grind for it. The way to use them is through the CK2 commands so they are basically the same thing. There are lots of cheats available and you can find a good list of them on the best websites on the net like solidfilez.

To use the CK2 console commands you simply have to press “~” tilde key to bring up the console and then you can easily enter the CK2 cheats.

Here are some cheats:

cash – 5000 gold
piety – 5000 piety
prestige – 5000 prestige
age +/-(#) – add or subtract a character’s age
add_learning +/-(#) – add or subtract a character’s learning

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Crusader Kings 2 trainer


Crusader Kings 2 CK2 Trainer Download

Download it From here

Here you can get access to ck2 trainer that will help you unlock cool stuff in the game. Using ck2 trainer is the best way to use ck2 cheats because now you have a handy app that you can use to toggle on/off different abilities without needing to use the ck2 console commands.

Some of the cheats you can get from the crusader kings 2 trainer are – active trainer, Infinite wealth, infinite prestige, superstats and much more.


Crusader Kings 2 CK2 Mods List Download

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Ck2Generator – this is an awesome ck2 mods that allows generates very random scenarios and this helps keep the game fresh.


A Game of Thrones – this ck2 mods brings in the world of the popular tv show “Game of thrones” it really makes the game interesting and brings a refreshing new flavour to the game.


Elder Kings – now you can also import the world from the Elder scrolls series from bethesda with this crusader kings 2 mods, very cool.


Middle Earth Project – with this ck2 mods you can also bring in the world from the very famous lord of the rings series.


Crusader King Z – this ck2 mods features zombies. apparently there has been a zombie outbreak which spreads from africa to europe. You are the saviour and your job is to form armies that will be dispatched to take care of the zombie problem for good.


History & Developments

The game Crusader kings 2 is developed by paradox Studios and it was a worthy successor to the previous title. It is a Grand Strategy game focusing on the middle ages and all the turmoil of that time period. It was released for the windows pc on February 14, 2012.

It did very well as it sold over 1 million copies so this was great for paradox as it was their most successful game to date, that was until they eventually released Europa Universalis.

ck 2 console commands


An accurate way to describe this game could be seen as a “dynasty simulator” because it does feature the different time frames of many different dynasties that struggles that ensued during those times. There are historical figures such as William the Conqueror, Charlemagne, Genghis Khan, Harold Godswinson, and many others.

When playing the game, one the major objectives is to gain as much prestige as possible, use a lot of planning, and make the best decisions possible to get the desired effects of becoming a great ruler, overseeing vast territories, and acquiring a great deal of wealth and power. Crusader kings 2 cheats can also be used for more fun.


Crusader Kings 2 was well received, and part of that might be due to the fact that origiinally a demo was first released with four playable characters, so fans got to see how the game played.

Metacritic scored it 82/100 which is a great score. IGN gave it 9/10. Pc Powerplay gave it 7/10 so overall the game did very well and was played by an average of 12,500 players daily for an average of 99 hours total playtime per person.

ck2 cheats


CK2 cheats can be found on solidfilez and you can use them by accessing the CK2 console commands. There are many other things you can get to enjoy the game such as CK2 mods which give you ability to mod many aspects of the game to your liking. However, CK2 trainer give you an easy way to do the cheats, so with a quick and easy download you can be on your way to really taking the game to it’s limits.

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