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Civ 6 Cheats

Civ 6 Cheats

Are you looking for Civ 6 Cheats online? Well look no further because now you can use civ 6 mods or civ 6 trainer to unlock a lot of attributes and abilities in civilization vi that can make the game even more interesting and exciting.

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There are many reasons why people might need an extra edge to properly enjoy the game. Maybe they don’t have enough time to invest in the game and just need some quick gratification. Here at Solidfilez you can find what you’re looking for. And with these enhancements you will be able to do things which you couldn’t do before. For example you could now have access to infinite money and infinite faith, and you can never have too much of that. God mode is also available and is usually what people think about when they imagine cheats for any game. Fast research is available. Sometimes you want to do a research to upgrade something and you just really can’t be bothered to wait for said research to complete. Simply activate the civ 6 trainer and use the utility to drastically shorten research time.

You can even get access to Fast Recruiting so that you can get your entire operation running without a hitch. Infinite nukes might come in handy, you just never know. In this game it doesn’t really matter what your reasons are. If you feel like you need unlimited amount of nukes, its available for you, right at your fingertips. You can basically speed up everything that is useful in the game such as Fast Culture, Fast Project, Infinite movement, and population control.


civ 6 cheats


Working Civ 6 Trainer

The use of mods really opened up the game to the community, but not everyone really knows how to make those modifications. And that is where the civ 6 trainer comes into play.

Download from here –

It gives the average player a kind of easy point and click, or very simplified way to access the specific mods that they want as long as it is programmed into that particular civ 6 trainer. It’s like a computer program, and once its been opened you can now toggle which mods you want activated and your choice would be reflected in the game.

Some of the options available with trainers are – God mode, Fast Projects, Infinite Nukes, Set Money, Set Envoys, Set Faith, Fast Construction, Fast Research.


Civ 6 Cheats List

There are two options if you want to use cheats – Civ 6 mods or you can use Civ 6 Trainer which is more user friendly.

But remember that before you can activate these cheats you need to modify the config.ini file which can be found inside the Sid Meier’s civilization 6 folder located in your documents folder. If you are running windows the current path to your config file should be –

Documents/My Games/Sid Meier’s Civilization 6/config.ini

This type of file can be opened with a text editor so don’t worry. If you drag that file into any open editor it should display the contents of the config.ini file. Windows has a default text editor called notepad but i like to use another third party free one called notepad++ which has a lot more useful functions that i can’t do without. Its just a much better product.

How to Reveal The Map in Civilization 6

once you’ve opened up the file you can search for the text “DebugPanel=0”. And once you locate it, the next step is to change the 0 to 1, and then save and close the file. You can open the file again to make sure that your changes were saved, and once you confirm this open the game again, and press the [~] tilde key on your keyboard. This will open the debug window and give you access to the console and here you can even select “Reveal All” and this will reveal the whole map for you. This was a pretty easy one, but if you want access to the really juicy stuff then you would need the civ 6 cheats.

civ 6 mods

Civ 6 Mods

Civ 6 Mods – The Best

Access to civ 6 mods became possible with the Australian Summer update in 2017 which also included big updates for the Australia civilization in the game. This update included steam workshop access as well as provided gamers with access to the modding tools which would allow them to create game content as they please. The package included development tools such as Modbuddy, Firetuner, and Steam Workshop Uploader. The update was huge – at about 7GB compressed, and 27GB on disk.

Since these tools became available there has been so many civ 6 mods appearing on the scene by talented modders. Some of the available mods are:

CCQI: This is a mod that allows you to update the interface screen and make it easier to use.
Yet Not Another Map Pack: It includes updated maps and fixes that the players will appreciate.
Production Queue: This is something that come standard on civ 6 games. it allows the players to see what they have in their queue.
Smoother Difficulty: This has to do with how the computer tries to win the game when you increase difficulty. Sometimes you will be attacked by the computer during early ages. This civ 6 mod corrects that problem so that instead pf giving the AI more units. The AI could get bonus resources.
Moar Units: gives more units by adding 9 new unique units to each civ. Get it here.

civ 6 trainer

Civ 6 Trainer



The Civilizations series has been around for many years and has enjoyed a lot of success as well as garnered a lot of very loyal fans who have been with the game since its early infancy and celebrated every milestone as this game continued to evolve over the years. With each new release came more tweaks ans implementation of community suggestions and that has really shaped the current face of the game. One could also say that as the computer technology continued to improve at an alarmingly fast rate, civilizations the game has kept up with the times in order to take advantage of the new pc and processor technologies. You may notice that some civ 6 mods will take advantage of this.

Civilizations was created by Sid Meier, and it could be described as a 4x type of game and very much turn based which also requires a lot of strategy to become successful and beat your opponents. The game was developed by Firaxis Games, and published by 2k Games, and it was distributed by Take-two Interactive. While Civ 6 was originally released for Windows in 2016 it was also released for Linux in February 2017 and can also be found on mac and ios devices. The first ever Civ game was originally released in 1991, which would mean its been around at least 27 years. And that is an extremely long time for any game to still be relevant. Once could argue that only these types of turn based games, and RTS style games can actually pull that off.

As mentioned before, that game has a lot of die-hard fans that have been supporting it and providing their own input for all these years by creating small free updates and civ 6 mods. And they really care to help make this game what it really is today. The series has even had some effect on entertainment in general because it has inspired many other spin-offs and creations such as board games, and video games. it is truly a game that really embodies the 4X style of gameplay which employs the following exact strategies: “eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate”. Usually in that order but more experienced players can use that as they see fit. It has some similarities to Endless Legend.

Civ 6 Gameplay

Civ 6 Gameplay


The Civilizations series is basically a turn based game strategy game meaning that the players must take turns to play, so its like a game of chess where one player makes a move, and then waits for the other player to make a move and so on. This game is also very strategic and will really test the players skills. In this type of games, the player with the best skills, planning, and foresight usually wins. And that is how it should be if you ask me. If you are playing by yourself against the computer and you want to amp up the fun, you could even try using the civ 6 cheats which will help boost the fun factor.

The whole idea behind the game is to grow a civilization starting from the very beginning stages which means prehistoric times, and then building up the city until you have reached more modern times, and the near future. Advancing through the ages isn’t as simple as pushing a button. Firstly, you have to secure enough resources for this such as food and money to name a few. In the early stages resource gathering will be the main focus and will start out slow, but as the game progresses, and more resources have been acquired, the player can now research new technologies and skills which could help speed up overall progress. You can now build new units, expensive buildings and get access to research new and more expensive technologies that is unique to your chosen civilization. There are many gamers out there who would rather skip this step of gathering resources, and the only way to bypass that is to use civ 6 cheats, or a civ 6 trainer while in single player as it won’t work in multiplayer. Enabling cheats will allow you to instantly acquire items which you need to quickly advance to the next stages. Everything that you do as a player is to boost your war preparedness and the player who is able to do this the best will win the game. Keep in mind that there are other ways to play the game using diplomacy, but that’s never as fun as waging war and overcoming your foes. The other ways to win if agreed upon are by reaching a high culture, building a space ship, or getting the high score in the game.

All game series do have their growing pains and Civilizations is no different. Even at this stage with their 6th entry there are sill major design changes being made, and more of the games inner workings constantly tweaked to stabilize the whole thing and also to accommodate user input which is always a great move to keep the fan base happy. If the game has a good balance then its less likely that players will be looking for civ 6 cheats. The game map is entirely based on a hexagonal grid-like arrangement where cities and land mass fit neatly inside hexagonal grids. It does help with being able to precisely know what you’re dealing with, and will help you with clearly defined borders. A new feature in civ 6 is the innovation of “city unstacking”. In the past the in-game improvements were stacked on top of cities, but now they must be placed on hex square beside the city itself and that makes things a lot cleaner and easier to understand. so now the player can choose which of the hex squares or district to place improvements and get bonuses. When placing your buildings on districts certain bonuses and experience points can be achieved when the buildings are placed on specific districts which would be considered advantageous.

There are many attributes to unlock in the game, and many of them have other dependencies. For example, certain technologies can’t be researched unless you already have certain buildings created. If you want to boost your masonry research you should already have a quarry. Or for example water based technologies such as “sailing” will have little to no effect if your city is in the middle of land mass or continent, or not near water at all. While civ 6 introduced the idea of unstacking, its still beneficial in some cases where it makes sense to use stacking. For example, to protect a builder from barbarians a warrior unit can be paired with it. The game continue to be improved with new features like the “Eureka Moments” which will speed up progress and shorten the time needed to get certain technologies after completing certain in-game activities such as the Astrology tech improvements and discovering of the natural wonder. Certain civ 6 mods allow you to manipulate your surroundings, so if you find the default settings cumbersome there is always a fix.


Balancing can make or break the game as far as how the players rate it. You really don’t want it to be too easy or too hard so you have to make everything balanced so that everything makes sense across the board. Take for example in the past it was almost impossible to win the game through the cultural victory route. Things like that are an obvious bug as far as the series longevity and variety is concerned because in a multiplayer scenario it could lead to really predictable gameplay which is boring when you know that cultural victory is not possible. But giving cultural victory a real chance at winning makes things actually more realistic and keeps the game fun and exciting. By incorporating a new civics tree it boosted the cultural victory and made is a truly viable option. This was achieved by bringing in past improvements from earlier civ games such as drama and philosophy, into a separate mechanic.

Its important to know that player choices will affect the overall outcome of the game. In previous civ versions player choices can cause unhappiness in the population. But in civ 6 the effects of this will be minimized and isolated to the district instead of the entire population. The game uses real historical people and figures who really existed in the past and uses them in new ways to improve the game, and you can find players like qin shi juang and Theodore Roosevelt. These figures can be controlled by the computer AI. You will now have to figure out the Ai’s agenda. Some of the civs in the game often have more than one leader and its is up to you the player to choose one since they each have unique abilities which make them interesting. And since there is balancing none are overly powerful over the others. The use of civ 6 cheats however makes it possible to win with any civilization you choose, if that’s how you like to play.



If you’re a fan of civilizations you will notice that civ 6 brings with it many of the same attributes found in civ 5 the previous version. This is good because it keeps alot of the feel that fans have come to know, love, and enjoy. Therefore a civ game will always be a civ game and fans can count of this familiarity. The game designers adhered to some strict rules which they believed forms the basis of a great sequel. Sid Meier called it the “33/33/33” rule which states that – a sequel should contain 33% of already known and established systems from the previous game, 33% should have some new systems implemented into it, and remaining 33% should be reserved for new material which enhances the game with new features to explore. This formula works very well, and is also adopted by many other gaming design companies.

Civ 6 was made by Firaxis Games, the same team who were responsible for the civ 5 expansion. so the expansion team created the complete civ 6. It wasn’t a bad decision because it made for a really smooth transition from civ 5 to 6 since alot of what was in civ 5 made its way to civ 6 seamlessly, and importantly was immediately available during civ 6’s launch. This was huge because civ players always have to wait for critical updates to be released as expansions. And an expansion was released for civ 6 anyway because there was more to be done, and players requested certain updates which the expansion fixed. It was called Civilizaion VI: Rise and Fall – which was released in February 2018. This time around the developers decided to include a massive tutorial covering everything the game has to offer. The game itself does provide in-game voice guidance, but the added tutorial would be separate from that. Civ 6 cheats capability is also built in but it has to be unlocked from the Config.ini files mentioned above.

As mentioned earlier, one of the major pitfalls of games is when the game-play falls into a specific pattern because this tend to make the game too predictable. And when this happens it becomes boring fast. Imagine that every player knows exactly how their opponent is going to play. That really narrows down the game-play to the point that players are doing the same thing every time and neglect all the other great features which the designers built into the game simply because the players have found a formula for success which will now be copied by everyone else, and everyone starts doing the same thing. So one of the strategies that was implemented to combat this was the use of the procedurally generated map. This means that the overall shape of the map isn’t immediately known. And as the map is explored it will change the strategies which the player will use because he has to choose different strategies in order to adapt to the environment challenges.

civilization 6 cheats

Graphics and Visuals

With all this modifications going on it would be very problematic if the engine upon which the game is built was difficult to work with, and that is why Firaxis decided to develop civ 6 with a new engine moving forward and this was definitely a smart move on their part. The visuals and graphics have been much more improved since the last game and everything is looking much more polished. Take for example the improved user interface with display compasses and astrolabes. In order to add more features to the game which could possibly influence how players will strategize the developers included a constant night and day cycle so essentially players might choose which conditions are more favourable for them to perform certain actions or attack a foe.

Fog of war is well implemented this time using a cross hatch style which replicated map styles from the Age of Exploration. Fog of war means that the whole map not immediately visible and your units will have to explore in order to view the terrain close by and later the whole map, but some gamers might decide to reveal the full map with the use of civilizations 6 cheats codes.

Another thing that the players will notice in civilizations 6 is that somewhat cartoonish look of the game. It looks a lot like many of these mobile games graphics, but this is intentional in order to make the game simple. By doing it like this they hope to help the player to better focus on the complexity of the game. Sometimes you can miss something on the map due to certain shades of color which affect your perception of depth and distance. By making it a bit more plain looking it actually helps players who are more on a higher skill level. This graphics style does not impede the players ability to differentiate between units and building designs, instead it really makes things easier as players can easily recognize units whether lightly zoomed in or zoomed out without the need for using the tool-tips to to figure things out, instead the players will be able to figure it out just by sight, reducing the need for extra unnecessary actions.

civilization 6 cheats

Theme Song

There are many seemingly little things that we take for granted but which actually make our favourite games memorable. One of those elements would be the sound track theme song. Befitting its stature the civilizations series have always boasted amazing and immersive soundtracks which increase anticipation and which makes fans always return. Certain sights and sounds can rekindle fond memories, and if you here the music before you see it, you will know that it is civilizations 6. The theme song for the game was done by composer Christopher Tin, and he was also responsible for the grammy winning theme song for civilization 4 called “Baba Yetu”. His newest work for civ 6 is called “Sogno di volare” which is translated as “The Dream of Flight”. The inspiration for the song comes from the spirit of exploration of new lands, the feeling of new discovery, expanding the frontiers of science and philosophy.


Civilization VI received great reception because it was very much anticipated by current fans. This game won’t get the same reach as titles like call of duty which are more quick simplistic games which don’t require much complicated thinking. The review aggregator praised the unstacking of cities because it definitely added more to what the game has to offer. Once cities were unstacked we now need new ways of dealing with this implication and this adds to the game overall. Not all review was favourable of course as we can see from remarks made by Destructoid’s peter Glagowski. he believes that the religious victory condition in the game should be removed, labelling it a “nuisance”. He harped on about the removal of the diplomatic victory condition and also stressing the need for the steam workshop support which was not available at launch. However civilization 6 did win the best pc game and best strategy game awards at the 2016 Game Critics Award. It also won in 2017.

civilizations 6 soundtrack


Civ 6 is definitely one of the best 4x, turn-based strategy games out there boasting a very long history over 20 years since the first version released in 1991. Since then it has faithfully continued to deliver on what its early adopters have come to rely on. The game continued to evolve with the times incorporating strongly the desires of the fans by providing the innovations that they wanted to see imbued into the game through the use of the many expansion packs and civ 6 mods. The Civilizations title is definitely one of the hallmarks and trailblazers when it comes to this style of turn based gaming.

This game will most likely continue to dominate and have a significant presence within the gaming world at large. The game also allows modders to use Civ 6 trainers to help you unlock special attributes. These however can be used only for non competitive play offline. If you need to enable all resources with unlimited everything that will add a new level of fun to the game, consider trying out the civ 6 cheats. The next game is Dark Souls 3 Trainer Cheats and Mods.