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Stellaris Cheats

Are you in need of some Stellaris Cheats for one of the most awesome games ever made? Here you can get access to Stellaris Mods and Trainers which can help you on your quest to beat the game in style and with much effortlessness – if that’s even a word.

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Stellaris Trainer

Stellaris is really a good game based similarly to other games in the same 4x strategy video game genre that has been very popular for a very long time now. And the reason for that is pretty clear. The community is very active and supportive of the developers and they reward the fans with a great gaming experience. It’s really a relationship that makes sure that everyone benefits in the long run.

Stellaris Cheats & Trainer Download

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Stellaris Cheats are great but for this game the cheats are not in the regular format that you might be expecting so if you want access to them you have to use a stellaris trainer because it is a pc application that will allow you to toggle cool features in the game.

There are many features for the stellar trainer, and the best trainers will have some of the basic features already preprogrammed into them. Here are some features you will get in the trainer. Infinite energy, infinite minerals, infinite influence, infinite unity, food, physics research, society research, engineering research, instant warp, and much more. So go ahead and download the stellaris trainer now.


stellaris mods


Stellaris Mods List Download

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The game now has a growing stellaris mods list, and is really gaining fans all across the globe as they are a great production team that really listens to their fans. And this is really a quality that is essential when you take on this kind of project that doesn’t necessarily appeal to the current trend of gamers who are playing whatever is the popular trend. This game caters to the sci-fi crowd mostly and it’s very innovative by taking the 4x great strategy gaming into the stars.

There are many mods available for download from several sources on the internet including here on Solidfilez, and here are some of the best stellaris mods listed below.

Dynamic Political Events 2.0 – this stellaris cheats has the effect of adding more chain of events to show more possibilities that might occur based on player actions.

Political Events


Downscaled Ships – This is a good idea in order to fix certain problems with the ships size relative to how much the player can see on screen. so a downscale was needed so more area can be seen.

Downscaled Ships


Star Trek New Horizons – this stellaris mods creates a star trek environment so it looks like you’re in that world. You even see ships like voyager in there.

star trek


Fallen Empire Expanded – this is like a diversity package that brings more new personalities, and attributes, and characters into fallen empires. so there can now be up to 10 fallen empires per galaxy.

fallen empires


Mass Effect Theme Pack – You can get mass effect andromeda style in the game, including ships, interface, features, and more. And you can use the stellaris trainer for more goodies.

mass effect


History & Developments

The game stellaris was developed and released by Paradox Interactive in May 9 2016 to much acclaim. It was officially announce at Gamescom in August 2015 the previous year and since then the expectations for it was high as gamers everywhere looked forward to buying and playing it at launch.

To most gamers excitement the release of more expansion packs for the gamer were promised so there really was a lot to look for, and it meant that investing in the game was definitely a good idea since there would be more additions to the game. And when there is one dlc there surely was more to follow. They released up to a massive 5 dlc’s so far and fans are loving it. All these dlcs added major new functionalities to the games so it wasn’t just a content update. Take for example the 5th dlc “Megacorp” which added the ability to play as a megacorporation. This dlc is scheduled for release on December 6, 2018.


Stellaris captures that feeling of space exploration that gamers who are into sci-fi always dream about. And this concept is presented very well in the game. The player starts off by taking control of a species that are just taking their first steps into space exploration. Their push towards space is now made possible due to their discovery and invention of FTL – faster than light spaceship technology. With this ability there would be nothing stopping their expansion into the cosmos.

In this game the player can choose to explore for many different reasons controlling characters with different personalities, long term goals, and different styles of play. And their reasons could be for conquest, galactic domination, hoarding of resources, or technological supremacy. The game starts out with the player already controlling a pre-made empire or building one from scratch with your own species. Then you choose the traits and character of your species. There are a lot of customization options available in the game. And if you use Stellaris Cheats you can do even more stuff and get some cool upgrades for free.




You even have access to creating the kind of government that you envision for your empire ranging from authoritarian empire that has no democracy. Or they can be spiritualist which reject artificial things such as robots. You can even edit the sense of morality or ethics code for the citizenry. By using Stellaris Mods you can make even more customizations than the standard ones.


Stellaris really was hailed as very innovative and an overall plus for the whole 4x strategy genre, and was very much welcomed by the gaming community. Some even speculated it could be Paradox’s finest hour, as the game was very impressive indeed as a 4x grand strategy game – Stellaris cheats are also available for the game.

The game really got favorable reviews with metacritic scoring it a 78/100. Much recognition was given to the games design and the fact that it had a good design that was intuitive and well laid out. You might also find that there are Stellaris mods that are able to make changes to layout and how the game plays and looks.

It was honestly a well designed game and the anticipation for it was very high to the point that over 200,000 copies of Stellaris were sold in under 24 hours of it being released for sale. A hugely impressive accomplishment for this type of game. It was paradox’s fastest selling game and by 21st of June 2016 it had sold over 1.4 million copies on steam. Check our download page for Stellaris trainer.




When you’re in search of Stellaris Cheats just make sure you get it from the best and most up to date sources. And the same goes for the Stellaris Mods, you will find that there are a whole lot of mods being created to keep up to date with the best and most innovative. Stellaris Trainer can be found online everywhere if you just do a search and you can find them here at solidfilez and download it without hassle from our stellaris download page fast. The next game is Xcom 2 Console Commands cheats mods Trainer.