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Xcom 2 Console Commands

Xcom 2 Console Commands

Welcome to Xcom 2 Console Commands where you can get access to Xcom Cheats, mods, and trainer. This is what you need when you want to expand your horizons in this awesome game.

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You can take advantage of these exploits to get power-ups and more goodies without having to needlessly grind hard for it. Xcom 2 is a great game and is a really amazing sequel to the original game. In the general setting of this game, there is a war between the humans and aliens where the humans have lost control of the earth. But humans have formed a resistance group who are bent on trying to expel the alien invaders from the earth and reclaim their home world.

Xcom 2 Console Commands & Cheats

If you want to add some xcom 2 console commands cheats first thing you would have to do is enable it by starting the game with “-allowconsole” then you will be able to access the xcom 2 console commands. Keep in mind that this is the only way to use the xcom 2 cheats as they are mostly possible through this method.

Here are some xcome 2 cheats to use in the console:


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Xcom 2 Trainer Download

Download it From here

Xcom 2 trainer is what you need when you was to unlock some pretty cool abilities within the game. Its possible to just use the xcom 2 console commands option but the appeal of the xcom 2 trainer is that its a nifty little application that will allow you to easily toggle on resources or abilities with a simple click of the mouse. It really takes out all of the typing you might have to do if you were using the xcom 2 console commands.

There are many options built into the xcom 2 trainer and some of the stuff you will get from the trainer include – capture unit, mega health, mega aim, mega mobility, mega will, hack, armour, dodge, capture resources, supplies, intel, alloys, Elerium, and more. Use the xcom 2 console commands cheats options if you don’t need to download the xcom 2 trainer.

Xcom 2 Mods List Download

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You might not believe it but xcom 2 has over 2,000 xcom 2 mods available for download just on the steam workshop so there’s a whole lot more out there that might not be as popular. The available xcom 2 mods range from very useful improvements to mostly fun and hilarious mods. Here we provide a list of some of the best mods that are available for free download on the internet.

The xcom 2 mods can further be categorized into – fixes, tweaks, game difficulty balance, tools, utilities, or game-play overhauls. Here are some of the best ones below.

Ink and Paint – this xcom 2 mods customizes the soldier such that you can now add interesting features such as facial or arm tattoos.

Military Camouflage – this gives you the ability to use real world camo patterns from the Russian, Swedish, and Australian military, and many others using this xcom 2 cheats.

Reliable Smoke – this allows the smoke coverage to function better and provide better cover.

Show Health Values – this will give you a numeric reading for enemies and friends life gauge that is exact.

Long war smg pack – a great xcom 2 mods that gives your soldiers the sub-machine gun option and also provides greater range of movement so they become more resistant to detection.

Grenade Damage Falloff – this is a balance xcom 2 mods which reduce the power of grenades to make the game more challenging because the grenades might be too powerful or overpowered.

A Better Ai – this mod makes the computer Ai more intelligent, so they will better strategize as to how to beat you. So is this really count as a xcom 2 cheats since it doesn’t give you any actual advantage?

Tactical Co-Op – one of the best xcom 2 mods available that took 10 months to build and the result was a play to team up with a friend to go on missions.


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History & Developments

Xcom 2 was designed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games for microsoft windows, osx and linux on February 2016. And then for Playstation 4, and Xbox one in September 2016.

The game is set in the future where the organization XCOM failed to defeat the invading aliens and were forced into hiding and using guerilla tactics. So they now have to conduct operations from a mobile base and most of the technology is not on par with the aliens. Luckily for us we can make use of some xcom 2 cheats.


The style of Xcom games has been a turn-based tactics genre which has many fans across the world although this gaming style is not for everyone and they might think it boring compared to all the first person fast paced shooter games out there. This game highlights the story of what has actually happened where the player is the commander of the military organization which has been reduced to resistance fighters since losing the war against the aliens.

So now as a commander in this resistance group the player now has to give commands to the squad members during the battles and make sure everything runs smoothly and the operations are a success. You would have to take charge of the engineering and research departments which will allow you to create more innovations that will aid in the resistance effort that will assist in the battles. by using xcom 2 cheats you can acquire tools you need for free. A similar game to this is Stellaris.

You would be in charge of recruiting soldiers and troops where the soldier class have their own set of skills and abilities. There are different soldiers in this class such as the grenadier, and ranger class who have different fighting styles that you must use at the appropriate times when called for. By using xcom 2 console commands this becomes a breeze.




Xcom 2 was greeted with many favorable reviews and critics were very happy to give their opinion on how the game looked and how it played. There were many improvements since the last game and many chances to take advantage of the xcom 2 console commands to type in some xcom 2 cheats that will unlock some cool abilities. Some of the innovations in this game were the fact that the new concealment system complemented everything so well and added a new layer of depth to the whole gaming experience.


Xcom 2 console commands will prove to be helpful so that you can easily type in the necessary editing to the game or activate certain attributes that are actually Xcom 2 cheats. There are also gamers with modding skills in the country and they are able to create really good Xcom 3 mods that the community are always eager to try. Another way is to use the xcom 2 trainer which are widely available to download from multiple sources from all across the internet. Just do a quick search – but we also have some xcom 2 trainer here for download as well so be our guest.¬†Next Up –¬†Fallout 4 Cheats Console Commands Trainer Mods