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Victoria 2 Cheats

Victoria 2 Cheats

Looking for Victoria 2 cheats? Well we’ve got the perfect Victoria 2 console commands that you can use for the game, also you could get some Victoria 2 mods and trainer for those who really like the ease of being able to toggle cheats that make the game much more fun.

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victoria 2 trainer

This game is great for all the history buffs out there who wonder what if things turned out differently in the 19th century. This game environment was set modeled after Russian around the time frame of 1836-1936. It allows you to take over places that were at the time not inhabited by peoples. Places such as the sub Saharan Africa and north western Canada. No matter how difficult some people might claim the game is there is always a nifty Victoria 2 cheats that can be used while enabling it in the Victoria 2 console commands.


Victoria 2 Cheats & Console Commands

Victoria 2 cheats is highly sought after and is a very important aspect of the game as far as gamers are concerned. In order to access it you have to go through the Victoria 2 console commands and you can view it on the pc by pressing

Alt + 21

From here you can now type in whatever codes or command you would like to activate or enable.

Here are some cheats:

cash – this will provide you with money
prestige – you will recieve more prestige
yesmen – by enabling this Victoria 2 cheats the A.I will respond favorably.
goods XXX – you can now get more goods however much you type in.
instantconstruction – buildings will get completed faster in 1 day.
plurality – Set a countries plurality.
event 1000 – adds socialist government
event 1001 – adds communist govt.
event 1002 – Anarcho liberal govt is now available
event 1003 – Fascist govt is now available.
event 4402 – this will improve relationships with neighbors gaining prestige.
event 4305 – makes the nation lose its militancy tendencies.
event 3401 – social reform removes unemployment
event 3403 – support for minimum wage in nation accepted.


Victoria 2 console commands


Victoria 2 Trainer Download

Download it Here

Victoria 2 trainer is will help you to toggle on certain Victoria 2 cheats that you might want to see in game. This is for pc version only, and it makes it very easy to run certain cheats. Victoria 2 trainer can be downloaded from this site or after doing a quick google search.

What you will get from from using this tool is – Money, faster research, unlock resesarch, faster military, faster expansion, increase current year, decrease current year, and more. And you would be able to do this without using the Victoria 2 console commands.


Victoria 2 Mods List Download

Download all From Here

There are some Victoria 2 Mods available for download which are quite useful. Some of the latest mods are as follows.

The states of North America – this mod makes every state become a separate country.

Age of Colonialism – sets a proper balance between colony and metropole so that colonies don’t outpace them.

Norway mod – this allows you to be able to play as norway – not using the Victoria 2 console commands.

mobilisation and conscription – this optimizes mobilization and makes it more dynamic.

Colonial development mod – this brings balance in terms of colonization. By doing this distant colonies pay less taxes, and make less. that makes it more realistic.

Imperium Mod – this mod brings in new buildings and new technologies such as printing press, temple, courthouse, university, war college, and many more innovations for a modern and functioning society. And some of these mods are not enabled through Victoria 2 console commands.


victoria 2 mods


History & Developments

The prior installation of the game suffered some lack luster sales which is why the Victoria 2 was almost not produced. But it was voted on to go ahead with the project and it did become profitable. And Ceo of paradox Fredrik Wester had to shave his head because he lost the bet. Things like dlc’s and expansions are usually looked forward to and the game doesn’t disappoint by including 2 main expansion packs along with some other small additions to make the game more fun and add more content. And of course many people will actively seek out Victoria 2 mods because its believed that this is always an essential component when making games today. The players do look forward to it and they are different from the ones you activate with Victoria 2 console commands.


Victoria 2 is a game that tries to do something ambitious and its possible to play as 200 different nations in the game. And the intricacies of managing everything can be complex. You would have to control economy, industrialization, the market systems, the flow of goods and services. Its a pretty good game if everything can be streamlined in an orderly way – gamers would log a lot of hours playing with Victoria 2 console commands and actually enjoy it. A game like Civilization 6 is similar to Victoria.


victoria 2 trainer



Victoria 2 cheats was really well received though it got average reviews. It was great for people who wanted re-imagine history from the Russian side of things and it quite interesting. Metacritic gave it a 75% score out 100. The game is heavy on detailed information while some critics complain about lack of pertinent information which they really need for the actual gameplay experience. It’s a strategy game and so player actions do affect the overall outcome. Some might say that their actions don’t seem to affect the game significantly enough. The use of Victoria 2 cheats would make changes much more apparent.


victoria 2



The use of Victoria 2 cheats is simply awesome to make the game even much more interesting. Using the Victoria 2 console commands will allow you to add some extra abilities that will surely come in handy as you explore the game and try to come out victorious. You might also seek the availability of Victoria 2 mods, and you could download them from the internet or right here on solidfilez. If you need the trainer you can also find them here for download. The following game is Watch Dogs 2 trainer mods cheats.