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Welcome to Saints Row 3 Cheats also known as Saints Row The Third Cheats. This will reveal to you all the available Saints Row 3 mods which you can use to really have more fun with it. But is it really possible to have more fun with this game?

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That’s a great question because its already packed with fun. The answer is yes, there is actually much more fun to be had in saints row the third, and all you have to do is cheat. The cheats on this site are not for multiplayer or competitive play though. They are strictly for offline enjoyment. Even though saints row the third was released a while back, thousands of people are still flooding back to check it out because they remember just how much fun it used to be and still is. Read on and we will show you how to hack the game using cheats.

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Saints Row is one of those games that you are guaranteed to have fun with and you just can’t really put it down once you start playing it and get used to it – because it has that nostalgic feel to it of something that was just really fun and it brings great memories. It could be due to the over-the-top action of the game that seems comical in many instances. Or the many clever wordplay and jokes that the characters may say. Or all the vibrant and colorful atmosphere that fills the screen making sure there isn’t a dull moment. At the end everything just comes in together nicely to form a very amazing game with lots of replay value.

And lets talk about the saints row emblem or logo. It’s really great, and at first glance one may get the impression of something more serious. But the fact that the game is the exact opposite of serious is what is so hilarious. That saints row logo is too good for this game in my humble opinion. But it is one that won’t soon be forgotten by fans of the game worldwide. Its a great logo, all shiny and purple. I know you’re anxious to get to the Saints Row 3 cheats but before we get into the good stuff i will explore this games history and how it all came about.

saints row the third cheats

Saints Row the Third Cheats

Best Saints Row 3 Cheats PC

There are many Saints Row the Third cheats out there, and they’ve been available for a very long time. One thing to remember is to always make a separate save file before you use any Saints Row 3 cheats. The reason for that is that once you activate cheats the autosave feature will be turned off and you can’t simply turn it back on even if you disable it. Also the achievements feature will also be turned off when you use saints row the third cheats, and this is permanent so be careful. In order to enable the cheats you have to add the codes at the Extras menu on the phone.

Saints Row 3 Mods

Saints Row 3 Mods

Best Saints Row 3 Mods Online

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There is so much you can do to add more fun into the game, and aside from using cheat codes, saints row 3 mods can be used to great effect. With this you are able to alter the actual game environment instead of just achievements which you would get if you used cheat codes. Saints row 3 mods will give you the ability to change the appearance of your surroundings, like the weather or sky color. And you can change the appearance of your character – adding new outfits. You can change the look of your cars and add new functionality that didn’t exist before. Saints Row 3 mods will allow you to switch between night and day, give you access to hidden items, give you a first person view while driving, allow you to play as different characters not originally part of the game, allow for extra customization and much more.

There is actually a really huge modding community for the game and that is one of the reasons it is still played today. The game is really a lot of fun, and there are many places where you can find Saints Row 3 Mods and many others available by simply doing a quick search on the internet.

Saints Row 3

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The trainer has options like –

  • Super Health
  • Super Sprint
  • Add Money
  • Add XP
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • and much more.


Saints row has a great and rich history starting from the very first saints row all the way to… the third, the franchise did not disappoint. They were able to set the bar and create something even better each time. Saints row 3 cheats is an open world adventure game just like the previous 2 titles that came before it. This means that the player is able to roam the game world without restrictions. While there are differing ideas to what this means. Yes its open world but from experience some games are more open world than others. Here is the official website:

The Third was developed by Volition and published by THQ. It was released on November 15, 2011 for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. And these were the big 3 platforms to publish for at the time. As usual the pc versions always seems to offer a little bit more in terms of flexibility as far as modification goes, and what else could be added to the game by gamers and developers.

Most game designers and companies do face great challenges when coming together to make a game, and even the sequel of the game is not so easy to do. And the difficulty doesn’t come from just getting the coding done. For example the team could have a man power issue meaning that they don’t have enough qualified people that can work effectively to make sure everything is running smoothly. In the case of saints row 3 cheats the design team faced so many issues with personnel getting replaced since many left the project and new personnel has to be hired and the whole structure had to be adjusted and re-adjusted until they had a full working team that was up to speed on everything.

At the end of the day on 1/5 of the group were the original team members who worked on the previous versions of the game. But everyone was brought up to speed as much as possible. One of the design challenges faced what the need for the game to have a coherent tone that fit with the previous design as well as meshed very well with the overall story. The drew useful ideas from movies such as Hot Fuzz and the games signature toy bat. The engine which powered the game was a proprietary engine – Core Technology Group, the Havok physics engine.

The Havok engine is pretty amazing, and they provide physics engines dedicated particularly to video games functionalities. Basically these engines are simulate physical motions and systems. Basically in order to make games feel more realistic, the game components such as objects of human body movements have to appear like the real thing. And this is where physics engines come into play. If you recently played a game and can’t believe how actually realistic everything looked, well, you have physics engines to thank for that. They are a very vital component for games today and will continue to evolve well into the future as games strive for more user immersion and realism. They are a company started out from Ireland and they have their main office located in Dublin. They also have branches in San Francisco, Germany, and Tokyo Japan.

Saints Row 3 Story


Saints Row the third picks up from where the second series left off. The main player/character which you control is the leader of the infamous Third Street s Saints gang and you are fighting against rival gangsters in a turf war. And you will be provided with the tools and variety of weapons and vehicles you will need to accomplish the task of dominating and defending your turf. Its worth mentioning that the game supported single player mode and cooperative play. There was no competitive online multiplayer for this game and it was mostly online coop, and offline coop where you played with your friend in the same room with you. This must be part of the reason this game brings back so many memories. When we were younger we just couldn’t wait to come home from school and play this game with our friends. You would get snacks and play for hours, it was really fun. The game is sort of open world with a different play style compared to turn based games such Endless Legend.

The third starts off about 5 years after the Second and the Third Street Saints have found major success in all aspects of life. They merged with the Ultor Company which turned them into a media and consumption empire. Ultor company build their brand and made them into household celebrity names. The Saints were linked to energy drinks, lifestyle brands, and even clothing styles. But they got into some un-anticipated trouble while on the set filming a promotion video for their upcoming new movie where they actually rob a bank.

So they get arrested by a group of corrupt cops and handed over to The Syndicate who are their enemies. Phillipe Loren is the main boss of the syndicate and he is responsible for bringing together all the other gangster group together to form a bigger more powerful group known as the syndicate. The reason they captured the saints is because they saw them as a threat and wanted to make a deal with them. The saints obviously refused and broke out of the jail in order get stronger and mount a counter attack. However it seems that not all the saints made it out alive because Johnny Gat may have sacrificed himself so that the rest of the saints could escape.

They escaped to the city of Steelport and lay low for a while because the city is ruled by the 3 gangs – Morningstar led by Loren and the Dewynter sisters who control the sezx trade in the region. The Luchadores who are a group of masked wrestling themed gangsters led by Eddie Pryor, or Killbane which is his nickname. And lastly The Deckers who are a group of highly skilled hackers led by the British programmer Matt Miller.

So now the saints are starting all over from square one with no money or assets. The only thing they have is their name, some brains, and the strong will to rise back to the top. So they set about this task by doing it the only way they know how, which is through criminal activities. So they contact another one of their lieutenants by the name of pierce Washington and he is tasked to procure them some manpower personnel so that they can raid the city’s arsenal. After they get setup the first thing they do is to attack the Morningstar stronghold and they are able to kill Loren the boss by crushing him with a heavy chandelier.

The saints declared victory, but during the funeral for Johnny Gat, they were attacked by the Luchadores in retaliation and they killed off a few dozen saints which is a big number and seriously diminished their power. Realizing that they needed to rebuild their ranks fast the Boss puts out a search for people who have been wronged by the syndicate or have grudges against them. Since the syndicate are hated and have a lot of enemies it wasn’t difficult to gain some pretty tough and high profile allies. Some of them included Kinzie Kenzington who used to work for the FBI but was targeted by the Deckers gangs because they knew he was snooping into their affairs. The saints also managed to recruit Zimos who was an old pimp who got double crossed by the syndicate and ended up losing his business to them. They even got Angel de la muerte, the former wrestling partner of the current leader of the Luchadores killbane.

Their whole operation gets underway and the boss gets Zimos back his pimp business and really makes the syndicate look back. of course Killbane has no confidence in the Dewynter sisters to run the syndicate since their boss Loren was killed they had been losing their reputation badly. Killbane is able to murder kiki one of the sisters and this leads to the other sister viola joining forces with her former enemies the saints. By this time, things are really spiraling out of control and the federal government has taken notice. They now deploy a new tactical team into steelport. The government forms the Special Tactical Anti-Gang task force. This new task-force will be headed by Cyrus and backed by senator Monica Hughes. The chaos in steelport is now used as a reason to enforce martial law to try to restore the peace and order. (Its possible to use saints row 3 mods to alter or upgrade all your gear).

saints row 3 gameplay


Saints row was known as one of the best open world – action adventure of its time. And it was usually often compared to Grand Theft Auto series which was created by Rockstar Games. Saints row the third cheats places you in a third person perspective open world. Ad players are able to explore the game environment without restrictions. The third game brought in many similarities from the previous games and follows up from where it left off. You the player have to successfully beat rival gangsters in the city gang turf war. The new game features new gangsters not present in the first 2 games, most notably “The Syndicate”. These guys are made up of 3 smaller gangs namely – the Morningstar, Luchadores, and Deckers.

Of course this is a serious battle with the fate of the city on the line, and whoever wins can lay claim to everything. Eventually you will defeat the syndicate but then the government activates their special forces known as STAG – Special Tactical Anti-Gang Unit to destroy the Saints.

The Syndicate only exists in the third because of the combining of the 3 gangs into one. Its possible that The Syndicate didn’t exist yet in the previous games. The game also became a little more complex because now there are alternative endings which means that player actions can really affect what happens in the game because now it is story driven and your actions actually matter.

There are so many features that are unique to the game, although this game has been considered by many to be a Grand Theft Auto clone. To be honest it really does have certain similarities, but its not as serious as GTA is. There is an element of ridiculousness and comedy to it that GTA does not have. Saints Row has a more light hearted feel to it so it has positioned itself to be “gleefully silly”.

You will find many weapons in Saints Row 3 Cheats by accessing the weapons wheel which will provide you with a huge selection to choose from such as pistols, rocket launchers, machine guns, stun grenades, and uav drones. In order to move around the city players can use vehicles like cars, hover ject VTOL and some specially unlocked vehicles such as tanks and more. The great thing about the special weapons is that they can be summoned to the players exact location after they have been already unlocked.

Some other notable features would be the inclusion of the “Awesome Button” where players can actually dive kick themselves through a cars windshield to hijack it. The main story mission is fun and can be played in single player mode or in coop mode either online or through system link offline. Since there is no real multiplayer mode, there is a mode called the “whored mode” which will support up to 2 players. The whored mode is a survival type of gameplay setting where you can coop with another player to try to survive against a zombie swarm in the game. This mode can be very challenging and it really does help to have a partner with you. Its possible that the difficulty increases with a partner but it still helps. The zombies in this mode are really fast and not like what you might expect if you think they would be slow and lumbering. They are actually pretty fast and and outrun you so your best bet is to destroy them before they can get to you. There are some different types of monsters or bosses in this mode also which can do much damage. In order to defeat them you are provided with all your weapons and you could even fight with a tank which makes it easier.

The ability to customize your game character is pretty amazing with lots of options to choose from. You could decide to change your body type, dress, vehicles and even home properties. One of the great things about this game that keeps it going and keeps it consistently interesting is the fact that saints row has a great ans supportive online community where players can share tips and tricks and even their character designs with other players.

There are so many cool things to buy in saints row and you will be needed money. And since you’re a gang of bad guys, what options for making honest money are available for you? Well the answer is none, so if you want to make money you have to do what criminals do to make money. And that means getting involved with shady business. Some ways of getting quick cash include Insurance fraud, where you deliberately hurt yourself by jumping into traffic as much as possible until the timer expires. You could even do “Mayhem” where you simply go on a property destruction spree, and your objective here is to destroy as much as possible before the timer expires. These are just some of the ways that saints row stays fun. You may also notice that most of the activities in the game usually serve to further the main plot or storyline of the game which is to basically go against the syndicate, crush them, and put them out of business.

The game gives you so much freedom because if you are not doing normal game missions you are free to roam and do whatever you see fit. There are a lot you can do which always serves to increase your notoriety level. For example you can purchase properties and items, money cache collectibles, and just wreaking total havoc and destruction. Basically you keep doing violence and your stats increase. if you disrupt other gangs activities during flashpoints your stats increase as indicated by your star levels or count.

Saints row has an interesting rewards system which you will notice throughout all the games in the past. But the third is the first one to introduce experience levels and weapons upgrades. The incentives in the game are things such as money and respect. Now keep in the mind that the money can be used to buy items and weapons, but the respect will be added to the experience points, and these can be used to unlock some really cool player abilities such as no damage from falling, or infinite sprint. If you like to cut corners sometimes then you can get all this stuff by simply using saints row 3 cheats. Experience points will even allow you to upgrade the computer AI for your gang members and support crew. This will make them much smarter and can provide much better support when you are attacked. Using saints row 3 cheats you will discover all this, and there are so many other ways the game gives you opportunities to get stuff such as narrowly avoiding an accident, running about nakeed in the streets, shotting people in the groin, blowing up stuff, and more general carnage just like that. One thing to remember though is that the story always progresses whether or not you have amassed experience points or not.



Saints row the third was such a great game that people still enjoy returning back to it 7 years later and it has really staying relevant after all this time. It still looks modern with fond memories to remember, and saints row 3 cheats can unlock more of the good stuff that you remember except this time you don’t have to work as hard as you did when you first played it back when it first came out.

Saints row the third cheats was incessantly compared to Grand theft auto series, but it was more of a playfully silly version of GTA because gta has a more serious tone while saints row has a more over the top and outlandish gameplay content. The next game is  Civ 6 Cheats Trainers Mods.